Top 5 Successful Tips for Moving Abroad with Expat Children

by David Tompkins

Top 5 Successful Tips for Moving Abroad with Expat Children

You may be happy to get the job of your dreams in a country overseas. However, moving abroad with family and children is not an easy decision for any expat. Moving to a far-flung country is never easy, especially if you are not fully prepared. A better lifestyle can be very tempting but sign on those dotted lines only if you are comfortable accepting a job offer.

There is no doubt that an international job with an excellent pay package can be a rewarding experience. These days, being a digital nomad or global citizen is a trend. However, it would help if you were thoroughly prepared to leave your homely comforts to embark on a journey as an expat. If you are starting your expatriate life with your family and kids, you must consider various factors, including finance and education for your children.

Here are the top five tips that will help you make the most of your expat life with children.

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1. Choosing the Right Time to Move Abroad

Naturally, you are all excited to start your expatriate life. However, relocating with your family and children requires adequate planning. Ideally, you should pick a time when kids are free from academic commitments. Maybe annual breaks or at the beginning of the academic year should suit everyone. It is always better to avoid moving during the mid-term vacation. It may be difficult for your child to adjust to a new mid-term school routine.

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2. Finding the Right School for Children

Moving overseas with kids would mean that they get the best education. This is where planning matters. Education systems in various countries differ, so doing detailed research to find right school for your children will help.

Check out the local as well as international schools to know what would suit your child best. Both these options have their advantages. Make an informed decision only when you are sure about your child’s expectations and the subsequent financial implications. Expats usually opt for international schools so that children don’t have to face language barriers, which is a big challenge in itself. These international schools provide enough opportunities to learn the new language of the host country.

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3. Opting for Adequate Health Insurance

No matter where you finally want to settle abroad, adequate health insurance for everyone in your family is important. You may be eligible for subsidized healthcare in your host nation. However, an expat insurance cover for your entire family will fill the gaps or exceptions, if any.

Purchase healthcare plans from reliable companies like Cigna Global. At present, they offer some of the best plans that suit expats from over 200 countries across the globe. Make sure your health cover includes outpatient care, dental care, and even medical evacuation during emergencies. Don’t forget to calculate the premiums when you opt for these health insurance policies.

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4. Delving into a New Culture Abroad 

You and your child must get completely immersed in the new life abroad. Gradually your child will get used to the new culture with all its norms. Let your child adjust to the new community life and adapt to the new lifestyle as an expat. With time, your child will build new friendships that would last for life. Your child must get enough opportunities to mingle with neighboring kids during your stay abroad.

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5. Being in Touch with Loved Ones 

It is quite natural that you and your children have a strong bonding with your original home country. However, don’t lose contact when you are settling in a distant expat location of your choice. Preserve your traditions of celebrating the special occasions as you used to do when you were in your home country. Old photos or objects that your child is still attached to will keep your memories about your homeland alive. Value them as you would do back home.

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