Digital Nomads

by David Tompkins

Explore the World Your Way as a Digital Nomad

Have you ever seen people with no regular source of income going all around the world all the time? You may wonder how they manage to save enough to go everywhere just like that. The thing is, they don’t get to save enough. All that they earn is spent on traveling, besides eating. They do not have a fixed source of income or even a fixed place to stay in, for that matter. They don’t have colleagues or friends to catch up with all the time. They live the life of what are today called Digital Nomads.

Who are Digital Nomads?

Virtual Education for ExpatriatesThe world has gone digital, we all know it. Technology allows us to do everything from everywhere. This means most of us are no longer bound by the four walls of an office to work. The same technology has also given rise to this generation of digital nomads, who have now spread out across the world or are living abroad in their chosen destinations. The usual sources of their income can vary, depending upon what background they come from.

Some of them can be paint artists, some writers, while a few can be really good with the technical stuff too. The money they earn from these jobs helps them travel all over and live a dream lifestyle, in the manner of a nomad.

Where Do They Work From

You can easily spot digital nomads working from just about anywhere. You can find them working from coffee shops, public libraries, parks, trains, buses, etc. They do not need a proper office setup to earn a living. That’s a lifestyle they choose to live, and if they are able to find good freelancing projects, that’s a lifestyle they can afford to sustain.

Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad:

Work from anywhere

This is probably the biggest benefit of being a digital nomad. You can choose to work from home or anywhere as per your choice. You can even work on a bus or train while traveling or visiting another city. You can work while sitting on a bed, a table, or even while lying down, whichever way you like it.

Work at any time

When picking up random freelancing projects, you will certainly have to deliver the work by a deadline. However, it’s all upon you to decide when you want to work and how many breaks you want in between. You can choose to go out in the morning and start work only by evening or do it the other way round according to your convenience.

No stress coming from surrounding space

An office environment does tend to get stressful after a point. Office politics does not help the cause at all. You feel tied down, and can’t even go on a vacation at times. The whole experience is stressful. But with the lifestyle of a digital nomad, you can actually make your desires come true and live out your dreams, and only work when you are stress-free and mentally prepared to make some money. Many digital nomads will work from libraries, coffee shops or simply use the internet and phone at their new destination country. Some may even use co-working spaces such as WeWork and Regus.

Freedom to do everything as you like it

You will have the freedom to work at your own pace and pick any project you like. You will be able to finally lead a lifestyle that many can only dream of from afar. You can choose to travel, work, eat, sleep and wake up whenever you like. You will be free to do everything your way, without anyone around telling you what you need to do.

Explore the world

Digital nomads are not just free to do everything from wherever they like. They can also travel to different countries and explore their hidden talents themselves. Since all of their work is online, digital nomads can start working remotely in their host country whenever they get time.

Learn new hobbies

Digital Nomads

There are so many exciting things to do all around the world. A digital nomad can check as many of these places and try out all kinds of hobbies while traveling there. Have you never jumped off a cliff or a plane, or never tried waterboarding or waterskiing? This will be your chance to finally do it all!

Better quality of life

Digital nomads can do everything their way. When they opt to move to another country and work from there, they can benefit greatly from it. A lot of it has got to do with the better valuation of their currency globally. For instance, those from the United States or the European Union can travel to Asia and enjoy a much better lifestyle for a much lesser cost than they can afford in their own country.

The life of a digital nomad is indeed exciting. However, those who live in other countries may have to struggle a bit with healthcare without a proper international health insurance plan. They can compare and explore the plans offered by leading insurance companies around the world before making their choice. Health insurance for digital nomads usually covers optimum treatment at private hospitals in those countries where private facilities are better off infrastructure-wise than public facilities.

Millions of people around the globe are already living the lifestyle of a global nomad or digital nomad. It’s time for you to take the plunge and see the beauty and magic of the whole world with your own eyes.

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