International Hospitals for Expats

by David Tompkins
International Hospitals for Expats

Searching International Hospitals For Expats – Finding Global Healthcare Abroad

If you are living abroad or planning to make the leap to living overseas, it is important that you search out medical providers and international hospitals for expats that are often used by expatriates and international travelers living the expat life. We are putting together an exhaustive list of hospitals for expats that serve expatriates, global nomads and those who retire offshore. We have not listed all the medical centers abroad as there are simply too many and we have not checked to see if they are adequate, but with our unique access to hospitals that serve expats from various global health insurance providers, we are putting together a list that should assist you in obtaining medical services abroad.

How to Find a Hospital Abroad?

Finding international hospitals for expats or medical doctor abroad can be very difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are a few short tips on finding a medical provider while living abroad:

  • Ask local expats for the best medical doctors
  • Ask if your expat doctor speaks your native language
  • Check with your expat health insurance provider on which hospitals are in their global network for direct billing

Obtaining Global Medical Care and Insurance Coverage

If you are living abroad, it is vital that you obtain global healthcare before you need to visit a doctor or hospital. More often than not, some expats will go abroad without adequate healthcare or rely on their health plan back home that probably doesn’t cover them abroad or is not able to work with international claims. Most global health providers will allow you to obtain an international health plan up to 45 days prior to living overseas and the plans vary in price and quality. Learn more via our International Health Insurance page.

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