What is Global Health Insurance for Expats?

by David Tompkins

Learn What Global Healthcare is for Current & Future Expatriates

Global Health Insurance for Expats

If you are planning to move abroad or you have already moved overseas, you are probably wondering what is global health insurance for expats and do I need it? It is a common question and concern for many international citizens and global nomads. We will try to discuss some of the common questions and provide some answers on global health insurance for expats.

What is Global Healthcare?

Global health insurance or global healthcare is medical coverage that will cover you locally, regionally and globally. This should include covering you back in your home country for a limited amount of time. Global health insurance for expats is really the same as domestic healthcare, but it covers you globally if you become sick or are injured on a global basis.

Note that many of these international health plans will give you the option to include or exclude the USA. Most Americans will want a global medical plan that covers them back in the USA, but also expats who live close to the USA and want to be able to seek treatment there, especially if local care is deficient.

Do I Need Global Healthcare When Living Abroad?

The short answer is that you probably do. In most cases your domestic healthcare back home will not cover you living abroad. Everyone knows that having some health insurance coverage is vital no matter where you live. Maybe you got free health insurance coverage from your job, parents or government, but that coverage is almost certainly not in effect once you leave your country of residence.

Travel Medical Insurance or Global Health Insurance for Expats?

Global health insurance for expats

Most experts recommend that if you plan to move abroad for more than one year and will lose your health coverage back home, you should avoid buying a cheaper travel medical insurance plan and instead buy international health insurance.

Travel medical insurance plans only covers you for emergencies and not for chronic or long term medical care – they are meant to patch you up and then get you back home onto your government or domestic health plan. Travel medical insurance plans are not meant for expats, though some do rely on these emergency only plans.

What does Global Healthcare Cover?

Generally, these plans will cover you for in-patient care – which means medical care that you receive inside a hospital. You can then add optional out-patient care, which is medical care outside a hospital setting, such as medications, scans, specialist visits, x-rays etc. Many expatriates often add wellness care, which is what you get when you go to see your doctor for medical checkups.Global health insurance for expats

If you live in a country where medical care may be substandard, it is often recommended that you buy medical evacuation insurance, which is generally offered by most global plans. Finally, a few global nomads will also buy dental and vision insurance

How do I Buy Global Healthcare?

The easiest way is to get a quote and apply for an International health insurance plan online from Expat Financial. They offer several plans in one place and you get the same great rates and service from the insurance companies, but with added service and support before and after you buy. Expats can even get a custom quote request and we have added a quote button to their site:

So, we hope that we have answered at least some of your questions. At the end of the day, make sure you have adequate global health insurance for expats and family when living abroad in your overseas destination. It definitely makes sense to get the best healthcare you can buy for your global needs.

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