5 Amazing Tips for Landing the Right Job as An Expat

by David Tompkins

Top 5 Tips for Landing the Right Job as An Expat or Global Nomad

For expats, finding a job overseas can be an exciting challenge. For some, it’s through their employer where they’re given the opportunity to progress their careers through expat assignments. For others, it’s not easy as they are starting from scratch.

Some would only move abroad when they have the job opportunity, while others would take the opportunity to move abroad first and find work. Either way, landing the right job as an expat takes hard work, courage, and a little bit of strategic planning.

Working abroad as an expat or global nomad is an attractive deal as you have the opportunity to gain financial perks and take advantage of the global economy. In this article, you will find five simple yet effective tips to ensure you land the right expat job.

landing the right job as an expat

1. Pick a Destination that Suits Your Profile

The first tip to landing the right job as an expat is to pick your favorite destination. It helps if this destination offers job opportunities within your current industry.  Numerous countries across the globe are great for expatriate living. Check them out and narrow down the list of countries that you would possibly move to and enjoy a good work-life balance.

landing the right job as an expat

2. Build a Solid Network

It is important to know that almost 85% of open job opportunities get filled through networking. So, this backdoor route can assist you in getting a dream job too. You can take a step further and find various job opportunities in your chosen destination with the help of friends or ex-colleagues much before the jobs are advertised.

The world is a small place these days, and you never know when unexpected opportunities would come knocking at your door.

landing the right job as an expat

3. Get in Touch with Recruitment Agencies

Contact global recruitment agencies as soon as you decide to move overseas and work. They will guide you and probably offer you the best possible employment options. Check out various online forums and websites that deal with expat placements.

If you have adequate experience and qualifications, they may place you in top-tier companies that are in your line of expertise. You don’t have to spend a fortune to sign up for these websites. They may be ideal to find the perfect match for your job search and expatriate life.

right job as an expat

4. Build a Powerful and Clear Resume

The next tip to landing the right job as an expat women or men is to create a powerful resume. When you are applying for a vacancy domestically, you will be focusing on designing an appealing resume and following the recommended tips from friends and counselors. You may even land a good job through your connections in your homeland.

However, applying for a job overseas is a different ball game altogether. In this scenario, you will be more dependent on your expertise, mostly on yourself. Your resume should be clear, concise, and accurate. The focus should be more on how you want to present yourself, your skill-set, and your aspirations.

Stress more on what you are good at and what you can offer to your new employer. Your qualifications and references or connections won’t matter much when you apply for an expat job.

5. Create a Strong Portfolio

As equal to your resume, for those with design skills, adding a portfolio showcasing your skills is important to landing the right job as an expat. You can capture your years of domestic work experience in a portfolio that has links to all your past work and masterpieces.

If you have a strong portfolio, your employers will be in a position to at least glance at your profile whenever a suitable opening is on the cards. Rest is all about how you conduct during the interview hosted by your potential employers in your chosen field of work. Finally, make sure your future expatriate employer has the best possible international health insurance coverage.

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