Services You Can Expect from Top Expat Relocation Companies

by David Tompkins

Services You Can Expect from Top Expat Relocation Companies

Moving abroad on an international assignment can be very exciting. If your current company is sending you to a foreign country on a job assignment, you may be entitled to an expat relocation package apart from an attractive remuneration and benefits. However, note that all relocation packages may not be similar. It is also important to know what kind of services you can expect from a top relocation company.

No doubt, adapting to a new foreign location has some major challenges. This is where various relocation services can come to your aid. They can make the transition process easier and smoother so that your expatriate life is a pleasant experience. Most of the major relocation companies provide a complete menu of relocation services. The services listed below should help you have smooth relocation experience.

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1. Begin with an Orientation Tour

Moving to a new destination can be very overwhelming, especially for first-time expats. Figuring out how to get around the new place can be quite confusing. Even if you have visited the destination earlier during a vacation or business trip, you will realize a substantial difference between holidaying for a couple of days and being a long-term resident. So, you must opt for an orientation tour with a relocation consultant who is based locally.

If you are relocating overseas because of your company’s assignment, you may get the chance to get an area orientation so that you can choose the neighborhood where you would like to stay. Your standard orientation trip starts from the airport, where you would be picked by the relocation specialist who would accompany you to various locations that you may have shortlisted.

This will help you know everything about the potential locations better, for example, the best schooling options for your kids. The guidance of the local relocation expert will help you make a sound decision and give you the confidence to feel very much at home in your new abode.

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2. Get Assistance for Finding the Right School for Your Kids

You will need a school search specialist if you have kids accompanying you in your expatriate life abroad. Finding the next best school is a big decision, and this is an important decision to make. This service includes finding the assistance of locally-based education professionals who can teach and train your children in your chosen foreign location. It is possible that you may get your children’s schooling paid for and arranged by your global employer. Many international schools are set up for foreign workers with children.

3. Assistance from Professionals involved in Home Search

Looking for your dream home abroad is indeed an exciting and personal decision. This process can be extremely stressful for many people because the fact is that it is almost impossible to find the perfect place to live. Your new home must be good enough to make you feel connected to the new place. The relocation guide will assist you in making the right decisions regarding renting out a place as per your budget and lifestyle. The rents in various expat destinations may differ, so a professional can negotiate and sort this out on your behalf.

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4. Assistance for Integrating with the New Culture and Language

It can be unpleasant for you to arrive in a place that has a different common language. It would be best to communicate with the local folks to avoid feeling isolated in a particular expat destination. Your neighbors and colleagues will appreciate all your efforts to get mingled in the new culture and environment. You can always opt for various language training sessions offered by your relocation company. Through your relocation company, you can also opt for a language tutor to help you adapt to the new culture and lifestyle.

5. Ensure that Your Household Goods Move Out Easily

You will leave behind a lot of things that you don’t need in your new abode abroad. However, you would carry some things along with you that you consider being special or priceless. These personal items will make you feel at home no matter where you intend to settle. Take the relocation expert’s assistance to ensure that all your necessary items are packed and shipped in the right manner. Choose a moving company that ensures that your stuff reaches you on time in your overseas location. This will help you in starting an expatriate life abroad without too many hassles.

Before you move

If you are an expat, digital nomad, or global citizen, it is imperative to get international health insurance before moving abroad. Having global healthcare gives you peace of mind when living in countries with limited healthcare facilities. On the other hand, access to hospitals and basic medication may be costly. Consider getting coverage for your dependents as well to you, and those traveling with you have a successful trip overseas.

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