Long Term Traveling Abroad

by David Tompkins

Long Term Traveling Advice & Tips – Global Nomads and Future Expats

tips for mental health careGoExpat is not just for expats and those permanently abroad. There are lots of people who are traveling abroad for longer trips and more often than the typical traveler. Traveling for long time periods of up to over a year is quite rewarding and most will often not give up their residence, job and other ties to one’s country of citizenship. Some will travel overseas for a year or slightly more to test the expat life before moving abroad. Extended travel is both enjoyable, recommended and rewarding for future and present expatriates. Below you will find some advice and tips for global nomads, long term travelers and even expats who travel from their new destinations.

7 Practical Tips for Long Term Traveling

Long-term travel can offer a whole world of unique experiences that you may not have thought about. In spite of all your planning and cautiousness, you will be surprised by the sudden turn of events in various stages of your travel abroad. Read More…

8 Things To Do Before Long Term Traveling

Planning a long-term trip involves many challenges, especially if you are moving abroad for the very first time. The duration of your stay in a foreign land can be a couple of months, six months, one year, or several years. Read More…


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