Prepare to Go Abroad

by David Tompkins

Learn How You Can Prepare to Go Abroad

So You Are Going Abroad!

Prepare to Go Abroad

Ok, you have made the decision to live abroad, maybe by yourself, your partner or even more daunting, with your entire expat kids as well. You have told your friends and family and are ready to go! You may have even posted the new on Facebook and LinkedIn. And then you realize you haven’t made any preparations. An expat assignment, offshore retirement or an extended stay abroad requires planning and lots of work. While it can often be complicated and difficult, GoExpat has put together some tips and resources for expatriates who plan to make the big step abroad.

Here are some tips for people who are preparing to move abroad:

7 Tips For Preparing Yourself To Move Abroad

It takes months or even years of planning and patience to get an opportunity to move abroad and experience a great expat life. Nerves will start to creep in as you start sharing the news about your transition with a friend or two on Facebook. All the excitement will keep building up as the departure date draws closer. Read More…

Resolving 6 Biggest Challenges Of Moving Overseas

Switching to a brand-new life in a different country can be overwhelming, especially if you are moving somewhere for the first time. Read More…


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