5 Tips for Choosing the Right School for Your Expat Child

by David Tompkins

Moving abroad with your family can be an exciting journey; however, this adventure may be accompanied by surprises too. For many parents, ensuring their children get to continue their schooling properly is a priority. Deciding where to live comes hand in hand with choosing the right school for your expat child.

When preparing to move abroad, there will be many important things that you need to consider. Moving with children would mean that you will also have to check out the best possible options for children’s education. This can include searching for the top international schools in the city where you are relocating.

Here are the top five tips for choosing the right school for your expat child

1. Consider the Expenses and Plan Ahead

It should be the first step is your to-do list when you move overseas. It would help if you had a schooling plan for your child before you make a move. Meanwhile, you will have to plan your budget to include your child’s schooling expenses as well. As an expat, you can negotiate with your employer to get adequate allowances related to your child’s education. If your child’s education is a small part of your expat remuneration package, you should look for affordable schools.

choosing the right school

2. Know the Available Options in Your City

You may find many international schools in the country you are moving to. However, you will have to decide what is best for your child. Private education is expensive, so you also have the option to look at public schools. Don’t forget to check out the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to connect with fellow expats and parents to get the essential tips for finding the ideal school. The education system in various countries varies, so dig down deep to know what suits best for your child.

choosing school for expat children

3. Pick a School with Your Child’s Priority in Mind

Educational priorities for your child can range from their need to learn a new language to getting used to the new culture or following an excellent academic curriculum. You need to figure out what your child needs the most when it comes to international education. There are also semi-private trilingual schools that are worth considering. Don’t forget to encourage your kids to make friends with international students to feel at home when they are in a foreign country.

encouraging child

4. Know that Every Child is Different

It is essential to understand that every child is different in his/her ways. Apart from their personalities, they have unique learning styles. Some children are more comfortable with their school’s usual curriculum, while others may like an academic environment that gives sufficient importance to creative or extracurricular activities. If your child has special needs, you will have to opt for a school to support your child’s intellectual growth.

choosing the right school

5. Respect Your Decision and Act on it

As an expat parent, you have to value and respect your own decision because you know what is best for your child. Don’t get puzzled by the “what if” factor when deciding the best school for your child. You must respect and trust your own decision. Expat living is also about taking some risks, and choosing a school for your young child is no exception. In the end, all that matters is that your child is happy with the academic transition, and the entire family is doing well in a new home abroad.

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