Global Nomads

by David Tompkins

All About Being a Global Nomad – Global Nomads & Digital Nomads

Global NomadsAt GoExpat, we are putting together information, resources and articles for people who are global nomads or digital nomads. Everyone is looking for that perfect lifestyle that living and working abroad can bring to you, your partner and even your kids. Why do we have to be constricted by living in one city, state or even country? The internet, inexpensive travel and locations with a low cost of living have allowed thousands of people to become global nomads or digital nomad by living and working abroad, traveling for extended periods and retiring overseas.

We are going to provide as much information as possible to all the expats and nomads out there, including some great tools that will aid your nomad lifestyle. So, go ahead and GoExpat today, or should we say GoNomads Today!

Global Nomads Or Digital Nomads

What is a Global Nomads?

A global nomad is often defined as someone who is living an international lifestyle on the move. People who live as global nomads aka “glomads” are looking to live abroad independently and possibly not in one country for an extended period. They want to live the offshore life and not be tied to one geographical location and belong to an international lifestyle.

Digital Nomads are basically global nomads who work abroad using digital and internet technology. These digital expats use their phones and the internet to earn income while living a nomadic lifestyle. They may be working from their hotel, coffee shop, co-working space or simply their house or apartment located overseas. They may even work for an employer back in their home country but live abroad.

Global Nomad Page

Here are some questions and topics that we are going to cover for global nomads. Check back for updates:

  • How to become a digital nomad?
  • What is a digital nomad?
  • How do I find work abroad?
  • What are the most friendly countries for digital nomads?

Digital Nomad Page

Are you a digital nomad/expat – then learn more about how to live this digital nomad lifestyle. More information and articles to be added soon:

  • How to find inexpensive internet while living abroad
  • 8 Top jobs for digital nomads


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