10 Helpful Ways to Get Your Expat Kids to Settle Abroad

by David Tompkins

Learn About the Ten Helpful Ways to Get Your Expat Kids to Settle Abroad

expat kids settle abroad

Moving to a different country with your family is more than just a career-boosting opportunity. It comes with uprooting their entire family and settling them in the new country. Through this process, the whole family learns and develops in many ways. But expat children need more reassurance and support during this big move. It is a lot more difficult for expat children to grasp the changes unfolding around them. It is important to ensure the relocation is a pleasant and constructive experience for you and your children. Here are ten helpful ways to get your kids to settle abroad.

 1. Conversation Must be Consistent

Having a conversation with your kids helps them understand what’s going on. Talking about the situation helps the mind to resolve problems and look for answers on how to deal with them. It helps expat kids to settle abroad when you talk to them about the process, and explaining the reasons for the move. It’s also important to let them converse on how they’re feeling.

expat kids settle abroad

2. Make Them Focus on the Positive Factors 

Another way you can help expat kids to settle abroad is by focusing on the positive factors. Moving overseas opens up plenty of opportunities and allows kids to learn about other cultures. Though you must allow them to adapt at their comfortable speed, keep reminding them about the benefits. The positivity ignites an interest to be part of something new and acknowledge the best things about living overseas.

 3. Help Build New Friendships

Making new friends can be one of the trickiest challenges for kids while settling overseas. This becomes even more difficult in a new country that might even have a different language. Other than making friends at school, take them to the park or community center where they can also make new friends. It also helps the kids to see their parents making conversations with new people.

4. Give them Independence

expat kids settle abroadIt is good to let kids freely explore their new environment by themselves. Simultaneously, talk to your kids about their observations and learnings, and help them break down the new cultures and customs they’re experiencing. This is another helpful way to expat kids to settle abroad. Ensure that they get a balance of independence to explore the new surroundings and stay in contact.

 5. Let Them Participate in Some Decision-making

Kids are attached to their homes, schedules, and several other things. Safety at home is very important for their balanced growth. Engage your kids completely in beautifying your home, so they feel it is ‘theirs’ not just ‘yours’. The environment must be full of comfort and sustainability and reflect their likes.

 6. Focus on Your Child’s Choices

It is a must to engage your kids in the relocation process to the maximum extent. Consider kids’ inputs important concerning their choice of lifestyle. As far as practical, place importance in their interests in the new environment.

 7. Don’t Neglect Homeland Connections

renting a house abroadAs you try to help your child adapt to the new environment. You must not forget to add some fun from your homeland. Celebrating your original country’s customs in your new neighborhood is a great idea. That way you can also mingle with your neighbors. This can also include making sure kids are able to still connect with their friends back in their home country as well via the various social & communication apps available.


8. Focus on Your New Country

expat kids settle abroadAlthough you must include toys and customs from home, getting absorbed in the new lifestyle is more important. It is better not to reconnect with your previous country too often. If your kids are in the process of making new friends, they must not go back and see old friends in just two months. This will make it more difficult for them to settle abroad.

 9. Let Them Flaunt Their New Experiences

Keeping in touch with their friends and family back home gives expat kids some comfort. Exchange of letters and social media connectivity plays an important role here. However, you must know about their online activities. Allow them the chance to flaunt their new experiences.

10. If You Love it, they will Love it

expat kids settle abroadChildren are great observers and they are always emulating their parents. How you handle the challenges of moving abroad influences how they accept their situation. Kids reflect what you do and not what you say. Therefore, show them that moving abroad is both exciting and challenging and let them join in the process.

Don’t forget your health insurance

Moving abroad takes a lot of planning, from making checklists to settling in. It is vital to ensure that you have proper international health insurance before departing. Having great coverage ensures your entire family has a hassle-free trip. Depending on the country you move to, we advise expats to consider air evacuation in their health policies.

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