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by David Tompkins
expat health tips

Global Health For Expatriates – Expat Health Tips and Advice for Living Abroad

If you are planning to move abroad or already living the expat life, you and your family’s health and safety is your most important concern. It is important to take steps to make sure you take care of your health as getting sick or injured abroad is compounded when you are living away from family, family support networks and of course your expat health insurance coverage back home.

It is important to know your health challenges and make preparations before you go and of course when you land in your new country. We have tried to put together the most important tips along with ways to enhance expat health – including tips and links to healthcare solutions for expatriates – for example, how to save on international health insurance, what options are available and much more. 

Expat Health Tips

We have put together numerous health tips for expatriates and future expatriates, including preparing for healthy expat assignments or retirement abroad. Learn more…

International Health Insurance

Obtaining global health insurance should be an expatriate’s number one priority as global medical expenses can be quite high. It makes sense to purchase international health insurance from a reputable source. Learn more about global health insurance, how to purchase & save on premiums and much more.  Learn more and even obtain a quote online.

Staying Healthy Abroad

Staying healthy is important, but even more so for expatriates. It makes sense to learn some very easy tips on how you and your family can maintain and become health while living abroad. Learn more…

Mental Health Overseas

Maintaining your mental health is critical when you move abroad for extended travel, a job or retirement. Your mental healthcare must be maintained for you to have a successful and happy life abroad. We have put together several articles and resources for expatriates who live abroad. Learn more…

International Travel Insurance

Learn about the various travel insurance options for people who travel outside their country of residence and the coverage options available. Also, obtain links to sites where you can even purchase coverage to meet your particular travel insurance requirements. Learn More…

Expat Safety & Security Tips

One important component of expat health is staying safe while living abroad. Global risks can be everywhere, so it makes sense to learn how you can maintain your security and stay safe while experiencing expat life abroad. Learn more

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