Mental Health for Expats Living Abroad

by David Tompkins
mental health for expats

Learn About Mental Health for Expats Living Abroad

Mental Health for ExpatsMore and more people are understanding the importance of maintaining your mental health, which can be a bit more difficult when living overseas while away from friends and family, supports, your regular doctor etc… It is critical to maintaining mental health for expats while staying abroad. At GoExpat, we have tried to put together a list of helpful information and tips for expats or people who are about to live abroad.  The number of articles will grow, so stay tuned:

8 Ways To Maintain Mental Health Abroad

We know that traveling to a distant country is stressful, and taking care of mental health at the same time can be even more difficult. Striking a balance between travel and mental health for expats can be extremely difficult because you may not have adequate access to the healthcare and emotional support that you received back home. Settling overseas can take a toll on your emotional health. The worst part is you will have limited people to talk to or share your feelings in your first language when you move abroad.   Read More….

How You Can Maintain Your Mental Health While Studying Abroad

As an expat student, there can be various challenges that may mar your academic progress, especially if you have any mental issues. Studying abroad may not be an exciting experience if you have to experience culture shock or homesickness for long. If you have preexisting mental problems, you have to be extra cautious to ensure that there are no prolonged bouts of depression and anxiety when you begin a new life overseas. Read More…

5 Tips for Mental Health Care During COVID-19 Lockdown

With the recent pandemic, countries around the world had to shut their borders and implement many rules to curb the virus. Remaining indoors can take a toll on most of us. Social distancing can make us miss the finer things in life, like hugging our parents. Moreover, if you’re an expat living away from your loved ones, it can hurt your emotional wellness and psychological health. We have a few tips for mental health care for expats during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More…

mental health for expats

5 Tricks to Avoid Expat Burnout

Every expat, digital nomad, and global citizen would have gone through a burnout phase in their lives. You feel you want to drop everything, pack your bags, and go home. You’re dragging yourself out of bed every day with not an ounce of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, it can happen during any stage of your expat experience. It can creep in just a few weeks into your new journey as an expat, or it can even hit you as a seasoned expat. Fortunately, this feeling is not permanent and there is a way to feel the motivation of the adventure again. Here are five tricks to avoid expat burnout. Read More…

5 Tips to Master for a Stress-free Life as An Expat

A lot of people usually think that expatriate living is stylish and stress-free. However, the fact is that living far away from home in a foreign land has its set of issues and hurdles that can be very intimidating at times. Retirees and expats who won’t have to work or earn can expect a peaceful and relaxed life abroad. However, most expats will have to go through some challenges, especially during the initial period of their expatriate lives. Read More…

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