International Health Insurance

by David Tompkins

International Health Insurance Information For Expatriates – Global Medical Plans

One of the most important decisions you will make before you go abroad or even once you are overseas is to purchase global health insurance coverage for you and your family. Global medical plans can be quite complex and varied with different deductibles, plan levels, coinsurance, and coverage options such as evacuation and out-patient care. GoExpat is here to offer some valuable information on global healthcare for future and current expatriates around much of the world.

The Best Global Healthcare Plans Are the Key to Expat Life Abroad

The best source for global medical coverage can be found at Expat Financial but we will try to provide as many articles, ideas and suggestions possible for expatriates who are hungry for details before and after they purchase a global health plan. International medical expenses can be quite expensive in many regions and countries around the world, so it makes sense to obtain the best global healthcare possible. In the end, you will get what you pay for and it makes sense to examine the various plans and providers before you purchase. With comprehensive global healthcare established, you can then concentrate on living the expat life abroad.

International Health Insurance Articles:

Here is a sampling of the articles on global healthcare that expats may be interested in while living abroad or if they are about to make the big step overseas:

International Healthcare 101

We are trying to put together several articles related to global healthcare for expatriates who are in the market for a new policy or are not happy with their existing global health coverage:

And many more articles to come!

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