Why You Need International Health Insurance

by David Tompkins

Learn Why Global Citizens Need International Health Insurance When Living Abroad

This may seem like a silly question – “Why do I need global medical insurance while living abroad?” There are a lot of reasons expats and global citizens should buy international health insurance and we are going to list a few for you:

1. Overseas Medical Costs Can be Expensive

international health insurance

Yes, when you live abroad, even in places where you think medical costs are cheap, it makes sense to get an international health plan that will cover your unforeseen medical claim, especially in a hospital where medical expenses can really add up. Some people think that in countries such as China, medical costs will be inexpensive, but the opposite is true. Medical costs at hospitals that cater to expatriates in China can be more expensive than many Western countries, including the USA.

2. Peace of Mind

Yes, that is what insurance offers when you live abroad or when back home – the peace of mind that if you get sick or injured that you will be covered. No international health insurance plan will cover everything, but there are lots of excellent plans that are offered through Expat Financial that will provide you great coverage. Of course, the more comprehensive and expensive a plan you buy, the more likely it is to cover your overseas medical costs.

3. Preventative Medical Care Can Safeguard Your Health

An international health plan that includes wellness care such as doctors checkups and scans can often catch medical problems before they get worse. Another great reason to get an international health policy

international health insurance

4. Travel Medical Plans Won’t Work Long Term When Living Abroad

Some expats will buy a travel insurance plan when living abroad because these policies are cheaper, but they are not a replacement for comprehensive global health policy. Travel insurance plans are meant for short trips and only cover emergency care.

5. Local Plans Usually Don’t Work Well for Expats

While you may be tempted to buy a local health plan in your new expat destination, you are required to do or are covered by public insurance, most expats will still want to get a global health plan because:

  • local plans are designed for locals, not for expatriates
  • You may need to get medical care back home and local plans probably don’t cover you outise the country
  • The local plans may be substandard
  • Medical care in your developing country may be deficient
  • You may move to a new country and want the coverage to go with you

There are many more reasons that you should buy expat health insurance that we have not listed above, but we recommend you consider getting a quote and applying online from a source such as Expat Financial, which provides several global health providers in one place and advice, support and additional service after you buy at no additional cost.


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