8 Great Countries for Raising a Family in 2020

by David Tompkins

Here’s a List of Countries for Raising a Family in 2020

Surviving through the pandemic and then planning to move abroad with family is a tough ask for newbie expats. No matter where you intend to move, raising a family with young kids requires meticulous planning and utmost determination. Your children must get the right environment to grow and build a good career in the future.

Here is a list of eight countries that are considered the best to raise a family in 2020. These countries are evaluated on various criteria, including gender equality, safety, income equality, healthcare system, cost-of-living, education system, etc.

countries for raising a family

1. Denmark

Denmark ranks at the top of this list of best countries to raise a family because it boasts a very generous parental leave system. Couples can make up to 52 weeks of paid parental leave, while pregnant women can enjoy up to one month of pregnancy leave before the expected delivery date. Denmark also offers free higher education for residents, which means that expenses related to your child’s education are drastically reduced. Citizens can also obtain free health care services through the universal healthcare system.

Raising Family in Sweden

2. Sweden

Sweden can be a great option if you are planning to start a family overseas. Its maternal and infant mortality rates are the lowest in the world. As a parent, you are entitled to paid parental leave for up to 480 days. Out of this, 90 paid leaves are exclusively reserved for each parent. Sweden is also popular for being safe and visitor-friendly, which is an added advantage for first-time expats. Sweden also has a robust public healthcare system, which is mostly funded by residents’ taxes. You have to pay a nominal fee to get treated in various public hospitals in Sweden.


3. Norway

Expecting mothers can obtain fully paid maternity leave for 46 weeks. On the other hand, fathers are entitled to paternity leave of up to 10 weeks. Apart from high-quality healthcare services, Norway ranks very high in education, safety, and income equality. You can get your expat children enrolled in some of the best educational institutions across the country.


4. Canada

Canada offers a much better lifestyle and environment than most of the American countries. Expecting mothers can get up to 17 weeks of paid maternity leave. Canadians are visitor-friendly, and as expats, your children will enjoy the cosmopolitan culture and liberal attitude of the local folks. Getting integrated into Canadian culture and society is easy. You can also enjoy a good quality of life if you have a decent income.


5. The Netherlands

The Netherlands ranks fifth best country to start a family. This country is one of the happiest places on this planet. People in the Netherlands are very health-conscious. The mortality rate of pregnant women is quite low. Expecting mothers can take up to six weeks of maternity leave during pregnancy and a minimum of 10 weeks after childbirth. The Netherlands also boasts a strong and advanced healthcare system apart from a robust educational system.


6. Finland

As a Nordic nation, Finland can be a great place to raise your family and kids. It is known for its efficient education system. In terms of quality of life and human rights, the country ranks very high. Gender equality is another important factor that makes Finland a favorite for expats from all parts of the globe.


7. Switzerland

Switzerland has the best of everything; however, the cost of living in this country is very high. The Switzerland healthcare system is very advanced, and treatments for all critical illnesses are easily available here. As it is one of the safest nations in Europe, the quality of life is of the highest level. Expat kids have the option to choose between public schools and highly ranked international schools.

New Zealand

8. New Zealand

You can expect a good quality of life, efficient New Zealand healthcare services, and a safe environment for kids in New Zealand. Children can go to some of the finest schools and colleges here. Gender equality is evident from the fact that expat women entrepreneurs run numerous businesses in the country.

Summing Up

Moving to an expat destination can be an exciting idea, but it should suit your lifestyle and budget. Remember that every country may not suit your child’s needs, so choose the destination with adequate planning and research. This is a decision you need to make carefully to raise a happy and healthy family overseas. Furthermore, it’s also important to ensure your family, and you have comprehensive healthcare coverage before moving abroad.

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