5 Top Careers for Expats

by David Tompkins

An expatriate life can be very interesting with full of surprises. If you are qualified enough and have the desired expertise, having a fruitful career abroad won’t be a tough task. There are some fantastic job opportunities abroad for English speakers, even though the search may seem quite daunting initially. We have created an introductory list of the top careers for expats moving abroad to facilitate this search.

Top 5 Careers for Expatriates:

Make sure to pick a job that you believe will be rewarding and interesting enough to keep you motivated during your expatriate days abroad. The decision to either step out of your comfort zone and explore a brand new career path or stick to something you are familiar with is completely up to you. After deciding which route you want to take, you can look for jobs across various sectors and grab one that suits your expertise and qualifications.

What are the top careers for expats?

If you are unsure about which career options you may have abroad, here are the 5 top careers for expats sectors that are worth exploring:

1. Hospitality

Working in the hospitality industry allows you to delve into new cultures and traditions. Such jobs are usually available in hotels, resorts, restaurants, and places that are frequented by tourists. English speakers can easily grab these jobs and be a part of a community in which they can work, socialize, and learn new traditions. You will surely love the vibrant and fast-paced environment of the hospitality industry.

2. Education

How about teaching English and learning another language from your students? Teaching abroad is a wonderful way to expand your teaching repertoire as you work with a wide variety of students from diverse backgrounds. Whether you are into paid teaching or tutoring, with education, sky is the limit. The necessity of learning English in many countries makes English teachers much sought-after these days.


3. Tourism

Addicted to traveling? A career in tourism will be perfect for you as you may get the opportunity to explore the world. The advantages of working in the tourism industry include availing the options to work in hotels, resorts, or sightseeing locations, as tour guide for a travel company, and much more. You can also work as a flight attendant and travel to dream destinations frequently. No matter what your job description is, you will definitely gain valuable hands-on experience in this sector, which will ultimately boost your confidence and resume.

4. Photography

As an expat, you can grow your photography career to another level. By being an event photographer or photojournalist, you can earn a decent income too. You will get endless opportunities to interact with new people and enhance your photography portfolio. While experimenting with your photography career, you can visit places and capture photos that no one has seen before. This will be the best way of showcasing the beauty of traveling.

5. Travel or Lifestyle Blogging

If you have the natural flair for writing and love to travel to unknown places, travel blogging can be your dream job. Though the road to become a successful blogger is not a cakewalk, a well-written and successful blog can be a great revenue generator. Knowledge of SEO will help you get your travel or lifestyle blog ranked very high on search engines. You should also know the different ways to market your blog on social media channels. Without an adequate number of readers and subscribers, monetizing your website will be extremely difficult.

If you have the required expertise and language skills, finding an overseas job that is satisfying will not be difficult. If you work as a remote employee during your expatriate years, you can move from one location to another and enjoy their sights and sounds. You just need a good Wi-Fi to explore various career opportunities if you want to lead a digitally nomadic life.

Top Careers for Expats

Make sure to obtain global medical insurance

Now that you have fair knowledge about expat jobs abroad, and have had a chance to explore these 5 top careers for expats,  you need to plan your global healthcare insurance before you leave your native land. The insurance coverage in your chosen destination abroad may not match your needs and expectations; so, go for an international health insurance policy in your country of origin before it is too late. “Health is wealth”; so, staying healthy is crucial for your professional as well as financial success.  Check out the global health plans offered by Expat Financial and choose the one that you think is ideal for you.


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