6 Great Tips for New Expats Upon Arrival

by David Tompkins

Tips for New Expats Upon Arrival in Their Host Country

The life of an expat seems to be very exciting from a distance. However, those who are living it can tell that while this life is adventurous, it also comes with challenges. The toughest part is making a move, which can stress just about anyone. Here are six tips for new expats & global citizens that have just arrived in their new host country.

Being a new expat can be filled with excitement and challenges. But as they say, the first step is always the hardest. Once we have gone through the initial phase of moving to a new country, you will then feel a lot more confident traveling to the next. To ensure your first experience as an expat is fun and exciting, it is vital to have the right mindset. Accepting the good and bad experiences with the same open heart and an open mind will help you overcome many challenges. To help you get started, We have compiled some tips you can follow to minimize the stress and enjoy your new expat life to the fullest.

tips for new expats

Pack Only Essential Items

Of course, before making the big move, we have to cover packing. Visiting a new country where you have never been before can surprise you in all kinds of ways. Therefore, ensure that you are prepared for everything. To do that, pack all essential items such as medications, innerwear, bathroom essentials, visa documents, and passport. Make a checklist of the things you need to bring so you do not miss any essential items.

Furthermore, having comprehensive international health insurance is also essential. Being prepared for the unexpected in terms of health and well-being will help you stay relaxed and secure.

tips for new expats

Learn the Local Language

One of the important tips for new expats is to learn the basics of the local language. Being able to communicate with the locals can help bridge the language barrier. English definitely will help you in many places, but the knowledge of the local language will help you bond quickly with the natives and get things done faster.

You can improve your local language skills by taking a crash course, reading newspapers, participating in group activities, and so on.

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Explore the Neighborhood

When you’re new to the city, everything may seem unfamiliar at first. To break this, start exploring your neighborhood by noting down the landmarks. It will help navigate your way back should you get lost.  Also, try to learn a couple of ways to get to work if that’s why you have come to the country. You may just find a beautiful place where you can have fun too, such as a sports club, a cultural club, a bar, and so on.

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Get Used to the New Lifestyle

The new country will most likely have a different lifestyle that you are used to. Some places may feel rushed, while others can seem relaxing. Some places only allow cash or specific credit cards. To minimize the hassle, always carry some money with you in case of an emergency.  On the other hand, the idea of fun will be different. The time a day starts or ends will be different.

These may be minor things, but it is important to understand the culture of the city. Accepting the norm will allow you to enjoy the good experiences and learn from the bad ones.

tips for new expats

Make New Friends

Easier said than done. But there are tips for new expats on making new friends. You can start by talking to the locals as they love making friends out of expats. This way, you would be getting to know more about the country than by Googling.

You will also need to share details about your culture, and have them describe theirs. This bonding will help you in many other ways too, such as finding a better apartment, tasting new cuisines, finding a new job, and so on. You can also use apps to connect to like-minded people.

Get Over Your Homesickness

This one is one of the essential tips for new expats. The sooner you get over your homesickness, the better. But how? If you are used to living the same way you lived in your country, the homesickness will never leave you. Adapt to your surroundings and adopt new local routine into your lifestyle. If you still find it difficult, give yourself some time.

Ensure that you are paying attention to your emotions, as settling in can take some time. Set a target of 6 months, and see if you can live that period without thinking of returning. If you can succeed in your challenge, you will be ready to explore many more fabulous things in life.

At the same time, stay connected with family and friends. It will be imperative, especially in your early transition days. They will help you stay sane and encourage you to keep going. Down the line, you will have more to discuss with them, learn about what’s going on back home, tell them interesting things about the new country and so on.

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