5 Great Future Destinations for Canadian Expats

by David Tompkins

Today we will talk about five future destinations for Canadian expats. The past year has been quite difficult for Canadians who have been in partial or full lockdown. Canadians are missing the chance to travel and live abroad. After an entire year and the precautions we took due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things have started to get better in Canada and many parts of the world. Because of the effect and how quick the coronavirus spread, it had such an impactful hold on all of our lives, no one could do or go where they wanted to, every plan.
Whether it was a wedding or vacation or people who got their university acceptances or even who wanted to move, everything just got canceled, and people felt stuck in the environment that they lived in.
People have started to gain faith in getting things back to the way they were. They have begun to replan everything they dropped right in the tracks because of the virus continuously rising, but now it has lessened. In some countries, COVID is receding.

Future Destinations for Canadian Expats:

1. Portugal

Canadian expats deeply in love with history should go to Portugal as it’s a country with great food, culture, and very hospitable locals. It has the most historical museums in the world. It’s also considered a romantic country. That’s a plus point if you love romance. The weather in Portugal is always good and puts you in a good mood as well. Food is also an excellent part of why one should go there. Easy Expat Guide to Portugal Visa and Residency. Guide to Healthcare system for Portugal.


2. Bahamas

Canadian expats who love beaches and being in the water should consider The Bahamas because it is full of exquisite beaches and clear, stunning water that catches your breath. It’s famous for snorkelers, scuba divers, its exotic marine life, and an assortment of shipwrecks. Not only The Bahamas is an attractive place to live, but its cuisine is also quite impressive. The Bahamas is a place that you can never get bored of, and you’ll easily always find something to do there and have fun.

3. Mexico

Mexico has always been a popular destination for Canadians. If you love history, then you would love to see the remains of the Mayan dynasty that used to in in Mexico once. Mexico, too, has exquisite beaches with white sands and turquoise waters. Mexico is most famous for its cuisine, starting from mouthwatering tacos to tamale and enchiladas. Mexico is culturally rich and breathtaking while being a bio diverse country.


4. Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country, and the government has every kind of landscape from towering mountains, lush forests, and stunning rivers and lakes. Vietnam is rich in culture, and its countryside is still full of meticulous farmers. The streets are home-brewed beer and full of food stalls. People enjoy drinking there a lot, and even amongst the country, you can easily find drinking spots even in the streets if you’re in the mood for that. Vietnamese food is famous worldwide, and women can fix delicious meals with less than four ingredients at food stalls.

5. Colombia

Colombia is perfect for people who are in love with nature. It has insanely beautiful mountains. It also contains 35% of the Amazon rainforest that is home to many endangered animals. The climate is tropical, and it’s perfect for people who don’t like winters.

Expatriate in Colombia

Colombia offers many adventurous activities like rafting, horse riding through the Amazon, hiking on snow-capped Andean mountain peaks, trekking through the Amazon, abseiling, rock climbing, water skiing, bungee jumping, surfing, kite surfing, snorkeling in the freshwater bays, and so much more. Street art is ubiquitous in Colombia and full of it if you’re a fan of crafts. People are very friendly and supportive, and you will settle there in no time.

A Final Word to the Wise for Future & Current Canadian Expats

Nowadays, health insurance has become a necessity, and it should be your top priority if you are thinking of moving somewhere else. It is essential because not everyone can handle medical expenses’ financial challenges, especially when you get hit with quite unexpectedly.

And it is also important because regular and proper expat medical coverage is critical. It may sound nothing at first, but you’ll slowly understand why it is essential to get a routine medical check when you choose to move. And keeping in view the pandemic’s current situation, it becomes vital to get yourself checked now and then under a strong and efficient healthcare system.

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