Five Tips for Expat Women Living Abroad

by David Tompkins

In this article we will provide five quick tips for expat women living abroad or planning to make the transition to a life as a global citizen. Here are 5 tips for you to consider. Please let us know what we missed!

Tips for expat women who living abroad:

learn the language

1. Learn the language

One of the most effective ways for expat women living abroad is to integrate themselves into their new life abroad is by learning the native language. It is easy to feel daunted by the prospect of learning a new language but if you take it little by little and don’t focus too much on how much there is to do then it is definitely doable. Join a language class, download Duolingo, or set up a coffee date with a native speaker. These little acts will set you on the right path and who knows, maybe one day you will completely fluent! If you can communicate in your country’s native language, opportunities will open up to you and you will gain a deeper appreciation for the culture.

extracurricular activity

2. Start an extra-curricular activity

One of the most liberating things about moving abroad is feeling motivated to try new activities and hobbies and not being scared of receiving judgment from others. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at pottery or get a surfing lesson, then why not sign up for a class when you’re settled in your new home. Not only will you feel happy and proud to master a new skill but it is also a great way of meeting new people and forging new friendships.

be aware of safety

3. Be aware of safety but don’t let it stop you from living

Females are often told we should be scared of traveling alone but we must remember that the majority of countries are safe to live in. You can be cautious and take safety precautions such as keeping your passport and wallet on your when traveling on a train instead of stowing them in the overhead compartments but don’t succumb to the fear. Be bold and brave and follow your heart’s desires!

Credit Cards Considerations for Expats

4. Open a local bank account

If you plan on living abroad for a while, having a foreign bank account will help get you a job, apartment and reduce foreign transaction fees. With the advancement of technology, many bank accounts such as Monzo and N26 are completely online so you won’t need to visit a physical bank to open a bank account.

enjoying with local friends

5. Don’t compare the old with the new

We can get sucked into the trap of romanticizing a life abroad and be sorely disappointed when the movie doesn’t pan out how we expected. After all, a big part of moving is drudgery such as packing and unpacking, finding a job, and dealing with rejection letters and endless apartment viewings. Of course, there will always be that cute coffee shop we miss from back home or that epic second-hand clothes shop but try and resist the temptation to compare the old with the new. Take your new home for what it is and actively remind yourself of the enormous benefits of being an expat and forging a life abroad.

Finally, remember if you plan to move abroad or you are already living as an international citizen, you should make sure you have a high quality global health insurance policy that will provide you with maximum medical coverage as many countries abroad will not extend universal healthcare to expatriates and other foreigners or local coverage and plans may be substandard.

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