Top 7 Reasons to Become an Expatriate in Colombia

by David Tompkins

Become an Expatriate in Colombia

Are you looking for a genuine expat experience in South America? If yes, then Colombia should be your ideal choice. With a vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes, and a bustling economy, Colombia offers expats across the globe a perfect destination to explore. Located in the extreme north of South America, Colombia has moved beyond its troubled past to become a thriving economy in recent times.

Here’s are seven great reasons why you should consider moving to Colombia:

One: Exotic Life in Colombia

From picturesque landscapes and relaxing beaches to theaters, churches, and museums, Colombia offers its residents an experience that encapsulates a blend of laid back, relaxing, exciting, and a fun-filled lifestyle. What makes living in Colombia preferable is the reasonably low cost of living as compared to the US. While safety concerns are a downside to living in Colombia, the government is taking proactive steps to tackle increasing crime rates against foreigners. One should use common sense and knowledge of safety techniques when living in South America.

Two: Public Transportation

Life in ColombiaColombia boasts of an excellent public transportation network. The cities are connected through an efficient transport system — buses, taxis, tricycle moto-taxis, jeeps, etc. The metro in Medellin is the only rail line that connects with the cable-car lines that are clean, efficient, and extensive.

Three: Incredible Food

With an extremely rich food culture, Colombia is a perfect destination for foodie expatriates. While traveling across Colombia, you will get to try new and exciting cuisines that are well-seasoned and delicious. From some amazingly scrumptious soups and street food to the typical Colombian cuisine, each region in Colombia is home to a different specialty.

Four: Access to World-Class Healthcare

The healthcare system for expatriate in Colombia provides its residents with easy access to affordable and world-class healthcare services. The healthcare system of this South American nation stands at number 22 among 191 nations, which is better than the US, which ranks at 37. For the expatriate in Colombia, there is a provision to sign up for the public health insurance plan after they achieve the residents’ status and obtain the national ID card.

You can also expect advanced healthcare services in some of the best private hospitals in the country if you can afford the expenses. Apart from obtaining a comprehensive global health insurance policy from one of the top international insurance companies, choosing medical evacuation coverage can be a wise decision before you move to Colombia.

Five: Popular Retirement Haven

Colombian BeachOver the years, Colombia has transformed into a haven for people willing to spend their retirement life happily and peacefully. It is easy to get a retirement visa as the documentation process is simple and straightforward. However, it’s mandatory to provide documentary evidence of the income along with the application to take the process ahead. There are some great beach areas in Colombia that are quite attractive for expats.

Six: Experience a Peaceful Life

Colombians are known to be extremely warm and friendly. The quality of life in this beautiful country is extremely high with people still connected to their roots and culture. The culture of the country allows people to strike a perfect balance between their work and recreational time. From enjoying Sunday supper at a dear one’s place to enjoying family get-togethers, Colombians make the most of their lives. The culture of Colombia is a great draw for expats.

Seven: Bustling Economy

Though Colombia witnessed a slowdown in economic growth a few years back, it is on its track for full retrieval. With a strong GDP growth, Colombia stands tall as one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin America. Though unemployment remains a cause of concern, it has significantly decreased over the years with the government taking several proactive measures. Colombia has made impressive economic progress over the past few decades, with a steady transition from its former agricultural roots to becoming one of the fastest growing IT hubs in the world. There are quite a few jobs for expatriate in Colombia, especially in mining and oil.

Colombia is home to bustling cities, beautiful landscapes, and visitor-friendly people, which makes it a popular expat destination. The growing economy, entrepreneurship opportunities, and abundant natural resources are some of the major factors that make it an expat hub. With so much on your plate, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider Colombia your second home.


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Bob Arias 08/02/2020 - 5:20 pm

Smaller yet awesome communities all over Colombia need to be checked by the Expat. I spent two years in Sevilla, Valle north of Cali…known as the Coffee Capitol of Colombia. Great public transportation, close to Cali, and an easy ride to Medellin.
Housing is very Colonial, with friendly neighbors.
Bob, aka FlacoBob

John parise 08/10/2020 - 12:36 pm

I was thinking Mexico but maybe Colombia is better, currently in Bali impossible visa rules

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