8 Reasons Why Vietnam Can Be Your Dream Expat Destination

by David Tompkins

Vietnam can be Dream Expat Destination for You

Moving to an Asian country like Vietnam can be dream expat destination if you are looking for a safe & exotic expat destination with an affordable standard of living. Over the last few decades, many expats have arrived in Vietnam calling it their second home. Many more are moving there for working abroad or retired abroad.

Why Vietnam is great for expats?

The reasons that make it a dream destination for scores of people across the globe are given below:

1. Job Opportunities

The importance of Asian countries like Vietnam in the world economy is growing at a rapid pace primarily because of its economic growth. This resulted in the creation of millions of jobs within the country. Interestingly, the positive employment scenario in Vietnam is completely a contrast of the employment problems plaguing numerous countries across the globe.

The abundance of jobs, especially for foreigners makes it a much sought-after expat destination. As an expat, if you have command over English, you can opt for jobs in various disciplines including education, finance, banking, and IT. There are also many foreign firms operating in Vietnam who require expat staff.

2. Better Income

An HSBC Expat Explorer survey suggests that expats can earn salaries in 6 figures in Asia. 15% of expats in Vietnam are earning more than $250,000. Vietnamese expats are more than happy with their disposable income and more than 75% of them are quite satisfied with their pay package. Better remuneration is a big lure for job seekers who may wish to live and work in Vietnam.

3. Affordable Living in Vietnam

It is possible for expatriates to live a decent life in Vietnam because the expenses in almost every aspect are far lesser compared to other countries of the world. Vietnam is home to alternative housing to suit various budgets. You can opt from plush and well-furnished apartments to simple and modest suburban residences. Western food is inexpensive here, and according to a survey of HSBC Expat Explorer, over 49% of expats spend less while dining out, enjoying movies, and going to music bars. The food is also quite inexpensive!

Affordable living

4. Culturally Interesting Place to Live

The majority of expats love Vietnam because of its culturally fascinating environment. People from all walks of life and budget can comfortably live and enjoy everything it has to offer. Vietnam’s distinctive food culture is evident in its diversified cuisine that boasts delectable and unique flavors. You can also indulge in a wide range of street foods and drinks without worrying much about their hygiene.

You will love to sit on the sidewalks and while away your lazy afternoons with a takeaway tea or coffee. Cultural festivals like Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn will keep you excited and busy throughout the year. Vietnamese traditional customs are kept alive by villagers who are involved in making ethnic potteries, mats, and specialties for trade.

5. Hospitable Vietnamese People

In spite of the difficult times and intense history of the past, the Vietnamese locals continue to be hospitable and generous towards the international community. Horrifying events of the past could not dampen their enthusiasm and optimism in life. You will be amazed by their adaptability and progressive thinking in every aspect of life.

6. A Safe Place to Live and Work

Life in Vietnam is much safer compared to some of its neighboring countries. It is conveniently located and natural calamities like earthquake, tsunami, and volcano are never experienced. Its political and social stability make it a great option for expats from all walks of life. Even the crime rate is very low, any expat should take the usual precautions as crime does occur there.

7. Pleasant Weather

Vietnam’s North, South, and Central have climatic differences, so there would be pleasant weather in some parts for sure. All the four seasons can be enjoyed in the Northern provinces; whereas, residents can experience only sunny and rainy weather in the South. In general, if you love warm weather, you should migrate to Vietnam whenever you want. Note that the summer months can be quite warm and it can also rain a lot during the monsoon season.

Vietnam can be dream expat destination

8. Beautiful Landscapes and Historical Places

Vietnam boasts many well-known tourist hotspots. Apart from the sunny beaches like Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc, and My Khe, you can relax near the cool and refreshing lakes and streams. Why not delve into its rich history by visiting Mekong Delta, Hue, and Hoi An during your day-offs? You will love the artifacts in Ho Chi Minh City’s historical museums. You can’t ignore the beautiful sights of Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park, Ha Long Bay, and Fansipan Mountain. Vacationing in Vietnam can be a dream come true for nature lovers.

Importance of International Health Insurance When Living in Vietnam

Vietnam’s two main cities are a bit crowded, but not as expensive as most of the top Asian cities. Even though it is a win-win situation for you, don’t leave for Vietnam without being fully prepared. Your preparation for expat life in Vietnam should include an international health insurance plan which will assist you in enjoying a relaxed and stress-free life. You may want to check out our expat health page for tips on preparing for your expat life in Asia.

We encourage future and present expats to not pass up any opportunity to visit and live in Vietnam. It is a great expat destination.

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