5 Great Tips for Digital Nomads Working Remotely

by David Tompkins

Vital Information for Expats and Digital Nomads Working Remotely

Being a digital nomad or expat can be exciting. You have endless opportunities to work remotely from your favorite destination, either surrounded by a serene seaside in Bali or bustling cafe in France. Remote workers can easily ditch the 9 to 5 desk job and work at their own pace and time. Being a digital nomad, all you need is a good internet connection and affordable accommodation. Remote working for digital nomads are becoming more and more popular.

It would be best if you planned well before you decide to move abroad. Adequate planning will ensure that there are no hiccups when you arrive at your destination. Here are five easy tips to make your remote working experience a success:

remote working for digital nomads

1. Save Adequate Money

Moving overseas can be a bit unpredictable at times. What if your current remote job assignment is not paying much? What if your job contract ends abruptly? You will need enough money to go through unexpected situations until you find your next job. You must plan your finances accordingly and save enough for the “rainy days.” It would help if you created a cash cushion to fall back on during emergencies. Setting up an emergency fund may save you from a lot of hassles. However, to enjoy various fun activities during your life abroad, you will need extra funds in hand as well.  So, save up!  

remote working for digital nomads

2. Find a Remote Job that Suits You

Being a digital nomad means that you should have a job that allows you to operate remotely from your chosen location. There numerous freelance job assignments that offer the flexibility that you are looking for as a remote worker. Content writing, editing, website development, SEO jobs, and social media marketing are some popular freelancing options. You can get started by registering with UpWork, which is a good online platform for freelancers to find remote work.

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3. Build a Passive Income Source

Another important tip for digital nomads working remotely is to have a secondary or passive income. If you have sufficient passive earning, you don’t have to be completely dependent on your remote job. You can move to any place you want to without worrying much about day-to-day expenses. Your passive income sources may include book royalties, profits from investment in stocks, and property rentals.    

remote working for digital nomads

4. Find a Home Abroad that Fits Your Budget

Once you have adequate savings and a new remote job in place, you should start looking for a place to settle abroad. Another tip for digital nomads working remotely is to find a home that suits your current budget and lifestyle.  If you are choosing a foreign city to call home, you should know whether your salary or income would be enough to live comfortably. You would also love to move to a place that has a healthy expat community. You should be able to adjust to the lifestyle and culture of a particular destination too. Ultimately, it would help if you did thorough research to know the pros and cons before deciding on your next expat destination.

remote working for digital nomads

5. Learn the Local language

Another tip for remote working digital nomads is to learn the local language. English may not be the first language in every expat hub. If you are planning to move to a country where the first language is not English, you should start learning at least the basics a few months in advance. Look for a language tutor or linguistic class as soon as you arrive at your chosen destination. Knowing the basics of a new language will help you interact with neighbors, shopkeepers, and local folks. It is worth investing your time and money in a new language abroad.

Summing Up

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of digital nomads. However, life won’t be the same again, and we have to accept the new normal. There is a possibility that employers and organizations will be more inclined towards remote working. One final tip for digital nomads working remotely is to get comprehensive health insurance. By having global health coverage, you can live your expatriate life peacefully and have one less thing to worry about should there be an emergency.

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