Best 5 Countries for Digital Nomads in 2020

by David Tompkins

Here are the best 5 countries for digital nomads in 2020

A digital nomad is someone who is location-independent, traveling from one country to another, driven by tech-based projects. Recently, there’s been a boom in this lifestyle and by 2035, there will be an estimated 1 billion digital nomads around the world. With that, here are the best 5 countries for digital nomads in 2020.

Being a digital nomad has its own perks. You get to make your own schedules and you do not have to adapt to old work structures. A digital nomad is able to create his or her own routine that allows them to reach their fullest potential. In fact, the opportunities to work remotely are rising.

5. Bali

Bali for digital nomads

Bali’s charm and tranquility have made it a go-to destination for digital nomads. It has almost everything for a digital nomad. You can find co-working spaces and shared offices. You can work in a bustling cafe or enjoy the quiet corporate space. Internet services are pretty decent and the price is reasonable. But it’s always good to research before purchasing.

When it comes to living in Bali, it entirely depends on your lifestyle. You can choose the beach-party lifestyle or live the frugal lifestyle. Either way, the tropical country is invigorating and inspiring. Like most digital nomads, you can explore nearby cities and islands whilst making Bali your home-base.

4. Thailand

Thailand for digital nomads

A cocktail of ancient temples, busy cities, and lush greeneries, Thailand is one of the best five countries for digital nomads. There’s already an established community of expats and digital nomads, and you will be happy to find many tech opportunities.

Cities like Chiang Mai are a popular hub for digital nomads. With the cheap cost of living,  you’re able to enjoy the accommodation, street food, and co-working spaces. Plus, if you need to wind down from a hard day’s work, you can pop into any free yoga sessions spread across the city. Quick guide to healthcare system in Thailand.

3. Czech Republic

Czech Republic for digital nomads

Moving from Asia to Europe, the Czech Republic is another country to live as a digital nomad. Cities like Prague has Gothic cathedrals, adding a mysterious and romantic ambiance. The best thing about Prague is that public Wi-Fi is speedy, reliable, and can be found everywhere. Plus co-working spaces and coffee shops are mushrooming across the country. Hence, Prague has been a major attraction for entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

As for the cost of living, the Czech Republic is considered low by EU standards. Besides, since it is flocked with digital nomads, you will not feel lonely and will be able to meet like-minded people fast. It makes transitioning to a new home rather easy. You can also join local communities to get connected to new work opportunities.

2. Portugal

Portugal for digital nomads

Another European gem, Portugal is all about history, food, and scenic landscapes. With its golden sand beaches and the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is one of the best countries for digital nomads. Cities like Lisbon has fast internet and it is cheap. There’s also a good digital nomad community, so you will fit right in. It abounds with creative spaces so you have plenty of choices, from comfortable office space to Bohemian cafes, you get to choose your workspace for the day.

Moreover, there is plenty to explore in Lisbon. Although the cost of living is a little expensive than Asia, the culture here is delightful. When you’re not working, explore the city’s history, architecture, and enjoy the local charm.

1. Estonia

Estonia country for digital nomads

The birthplace of Skype, Estonia is a tech-driven country, making it to the top of the best 5 countries for digital nomads in 2020. Plus, this country did something that benefits digital nomads around the world. In 2019, Estonia revealed the world’s first Digital Nomad Visa.

Estonia was the first country in the world to declare the internet as a basic human right. So don’t be surprised as you will have access to free Wi-Fi everywhere, including forests and beaches. Furthermore, the cost of living in Estonia is mediocre, but the rent and transport are cheap. You can definitely enjoy the nomadic lifestyle by being thrifty.

Now that you know the best 5 countries for digital nomads, it’s time to pack your bags!

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