Cambodia is Every Expats Paradise

by David Tompkins

Top 7 Reasons Why Cambodia is Every Expats Paradise

Moving and settling in Cambodia can be an amazing experience for most expats. The number of expats relocating to this Southeast Asian destination has grown in huge numbers in the last few years. The safe and pleasant environment complemented by the scenic landscapes and natural beauty makes it a paradise for expats from all walks of life.  Cambodia is Every Expat’s ParadiseRetiring in this nation can be the perfect solution for a relaxed and comfortable life without having to shell out your hard-earned money post-retirement. Other advantages of this expat destination include quality housing at affordable rates, easy visa procedures, and tax exemption. Relocating to this country would mean that you are not too far away from major tourist hubs like Bangkok and Singapore.

Here are 7 reasons why Cambodia can be proudly called an expat’s paradise:

1. Low cost of living

Cambodia may not be as cheap as backpackers & expats would wish, but this is undoubtedly one of the best places to start a new and hassle-free life. As an expat, you can survive in this nation by working part-time, which means that you can save a lot and stay extravagantly if you have a decent income. Most expats believe that the low cost of living is one of the prime reasons for their decision to move to Cambodia. It is also a fact that Cambodia was ranked first in the International Living’s 2016 Annual Global Retirement Index from a total of 23 countries worldwide in terms of affordability. The countries featuring in this list were some of the best countries within Europe, Asia, and South America. Things of every-day use can be purchased at very affordable rates even in the major cities of Cambodia.

 2. Pleasant weather

The year-round pleasant weather of Cambodia is not taxing on the health. If you have experienced harsh winters in the past, this is a place you would love to spend your time, especially during the colder months. The tropical clime will encourage you to stay outdoors and indulge in various water activities during your leisure time.


 3. Amazing opportunities for Expats in Cambodia

Cambodia offers ample opportunities to expats who are willing to work in development, education, and more such fields. Being a developing nation, Cambodia appreciates expats with a foreign background who can become a significant member of their society as a whole. Somebody who can help upskill their workforce or assist the locals in their education.

3. Friendly locals in Cambodia

It’s very common for expats to feel unwelcome in many countries, but that is not what expats experience in Cambodia. Of course, Cambodians have a lifestyle that can take a while for expats to fit into, but the locals themselves are very accommodating. Expats find that even the tuk-tuk drivers in the country always have a smile on their face.

4. Life is easy

Since Cambodia is a developing country, life here is not as fast-paced as is the norm in most of the western countries. Expats can also afford just about everything easily here and can earn well by working fewer hours. How they manage to sustain themselves and have a good time in the country despite not doing everything as the locals do, is something that most of them have seemed to work out.

Beautiful Locations in Cambodia

5. Beautiful beaches for water activities

During the summer season, Cambodia’s beaches become the country’s hottest property. The summer breeze is pleasant and the beaches are almost always free of crowds. Expats can also enjoy a variety of water activities during April, May, and June. Snorkeling is also quite popular in Cambodia.

7. Amazing nightlife in Cambodia

The one thing that expats fall in love with while in Cambodia is its nightlife. Summertime is often the best time to go partying since other seasons may be humid or too rainy and could spoil the fun. Phnom Penh is a popular region for its amazing clubs and bars, especially Streets 51 and 172. Street 278 (Golden Street) is another popular spot in the city. There are quite a few bars located along the riverfront as well. Many of these bars have their special treat times when everyone can enjoy great offers on everything that’s up for grabs. A few of them are often open until midnight, due to which Phnom Penh’s clubs become the popular party places.

Cost of Living in Cambodia

From the past few years, Cambodia has continued to evolve as one of the best expat hubs in Southeast Asia. The fact that its neighboring countries have become costlier while Cambodia continues to have a low cost of living, has also helped the country become popular among expats. There are not many places within Asia where you can comfortably settle down for just $1,000 a month. But at the same time, expats must also be ready to move to a new country and out of their comfort zone for a while.

Don’t forget to get global health insurance for Cambodia

Once you get started after meeting the obvious requirements like visa application, opening a bank account, etc., you will find that Cambodia is just the country where you would want to settle down forever. It is also prudent at this time to procure a good international health insurance plan from one of the leading global health insurance providers such as Expat Financial. Such programs can get you prompt medical assistance not only in the country’s private hospitals but also at the best of hospitals worldwide, including medical evacuation and repatriation cover.

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