Five reasons to Become an Expat in Greece

by David Tompkins

5 Great Reasons to Become an Expat in Greece

Greece is where many believe the Western civilization was born, as was the concept of democracy. It is also the country where Greek mythology made people believe in god and gave the world a glimpse of the magnificent architecture of ancient Greece. At present, Greece is widely popular in Expats for its shimmering beaches in , diverse cultural beliefs and traditions, near-perfect weather, architectural wonders, and much more.

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Even though it is in Europe, the country only joined the European Union in 1981. Since then, Greece has continued to develop rapidly, at par with most of the western nations.

The indigenous Greeks are known to be very warm and friendly, and they welcome all the tourists and expats with open arms. Their lifestyle is usually not stressful, which is why it’s very common for them to take a break and relax every now and then. The country’s climate further makes Greece one destination that’s a must-visit for everyone. The fact that it’s also a gateway to Europe makes Greece a popular country for people who want to begin their journey with a dip into the rich and spellbinding history of the country. More information for tourists and expat in Greece can be found at their official Greece tourism page. 

In case you are still wondering whether or not you should make a move to Greece, here’s our 5-point convincing argument for you:

1. Low Crime Rate

Greece enjoys fairly low crime rates. In fact, the country’s crime rate is among the lowest among most of the European countries. The occasional petty crimes do happen, which is why expats should be aware and know how to safeguard their possessions. Petty crime in Athens is quite common, so tourists and expats should definitely be aware of their surroundings and be on their guard. Crime in the islands is not commonplace. We should note that driving in Greece can be quite hazardous because of the driving habits of the locals.

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2. Weather in Greece

Greece probably enjoys the best weather conditions in the whole region. The country is blessed with an abundance of sunshine almost throughout the year. At other times, the weather can be a bit mild or on the colder side. It even snows in the mountainous regions of Greece, which is definitely worth a look. The Summers can be quite hot in the Summer, so if you are moving to Greece, air conditioning is critical.

3. Cost of Living in Greece

Another reason that makes Greece a wonderful destination for global expats is its low cost of living. Everything from transportation to accommodation to various means of entertainment like museums and cinemas is not too expensive. This means that expat in Greece can spend their time in any city of their choice in Greece by spending a fraction of their regular income.

4. Leading Tourism Destination

Greece has a lot of places that are frequented by people all through the year. Most of the people flock the city of Athens since this is where the world’s democracy was born. The city also has a lot of ancient structures that exhibit the aura of Greek culture that is simply spectacular. Then there are other equally beautiful cities of Greece, such as the Santorini, also called the diamond of the Aegean Sea by many, and known for pristine beaches and volcanic craters. You can also visit other cities like Mykonos, Delphi, the Greek Islands, and several more, all of which have something interesting to offer for every visitor.

Exploring Greece culture

5. Exploring Greece and it’s Culture

With so many attractions based in almost every city of Greece, there’s plenty for everyone to explore and experience. If you want, you can rent accommodation near the ruins of ancient Greece that have now been declared as UNESCO World Heritage sites. While there, you can go fishing, or cycle through the mesmerizing villages, windsurf through the crystal clear waters, or choose from more than 6,000 islands to explore at your convenience. Once tired, you can head over to any of the several boutique cafes, restaurants and bars to try the authentic Greek cuisines that are a true marvel worth savoring. From there you can head over to the coastal region and relax for as long as you want.

Greece also happens to be one of the very few countries that have the infrastructure and sufficient resources; however, there are not many international companies operating here. This leaves the opportunity open for anyone who wishes to expand business operations in the country. The trading laws are flexible for expat in Greece and the laws favor those who can create employment opportunities. The benefits passed from other European countries are also endless.

Healthcare for expat in Greece is quite good, but you should still purchase a good international health insurance plan which ensures that you don’t end up paying too much for availing medical assistance every now and then. Come experience Greece today.

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