Top 7 Reasons for Expats to Settle in Kuala Lumpur

by David Tompkins

Expat in Kuala Lumpur

Top 7 Reasons for Expats to Settle in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s national capital and also its largest city. A bustling global city, Kuala Lumpur has a vibrant mix of deep cultural roots and passion for living life. Its exotic tourist destinations and religious buildings make Kuala Lumpur a must-visit city for everyone.

Thousands of tourists visit Kuala Lumpur every year. The city’s diversified culture is a major reason why so many expats from around the world choose to settle down here. But is that the only reason people opt to move to the capital city?

Is Kuala Lumpur a good place to live?

Here’s a list of top 7 reasons why expats choose Kuala Lumpur and consider it as the best city to start an expat life in Malaysia:

One: Modern and Comfortable Planned Living Spaces

Skyscrapers are almost everywhere in Kuala Lumpur. Even the city outskirts have many of those, enabling expats to choose from a wide range of accommodation facilities. Expats in Kuala Lumpur can easily rent an apartment in one of these tall buildings that have their grocery stores, security staff, private parking, swimming pool, gym, etc. The living spaces are modern and spacious, with most buildings being newly built.

Two: Leisurely Life in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is not the best city in the world, but it surely offers something that even the best cities don’t. For instance, the average temperature stays around 30 degrees, giving everyone the perfect opportunity to explore the city and its outskirts 365 days a year. There are lots of places to travel to, such as the Petronas Towers, Batu Caves, Jalan Alor (the heart of the city’s delectable cuisine), Central Market, etc. When tired, expats can return to their comfortable condos and modern apartments to relax their exhausted selves in the swimming pools and Jacuzzis.

Three: Low Cost of Living

Another reason for living in Kuala Lumpur being such a popular choice with expats is its high standard of living at a relatively low cost. Expats can easily rent a sprawling apartment in the most elegant of Kuala Lumpur localities at almost half the price of a regular or smaller flat in a Western country. Since there is a large market for oil and gas companies in Malaysia, petrol and gas tend to be on the cheaper side as compared to the prices commanded by non-Malaysian markets. Locally grown produce is available in plenty and the costs are low too.

Four: Cutting-edge Healthcare System

Malaysia is quickly becoming one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world. This is mostly because the doctors here have completed their education from Western universities and offer the same level of medical assistance at very low costs. The fees charged by private hospitals is also much lesser than those of the developed nations. Opting for a good global health insurance policy can be the best bet if you want to save money incurred during critical medical treatments. Click on this CDC Malaysia link to get relevant health information before you make the move. Obtain more information on our international health insurance page.

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Five: Transportation is Well Planned

Kuala Lumpur’s public transportation system is well-planned, modern, and inexpensive. Train stations and bus stops are evenly laid out around the city. The city also has a monorail service. Taxis are particularly easy to get and can be hired via mobile apps.

Six: Unlimited Food Choices in Kuala Lumpur

If there is one thing that is synonymous with Kuala Lumpur, it has to be its food. You will be surprised to find the number of people in love with the several varieties of dishes served here. Like everything else, having a hearty meal in Kuala Lumpur will seldom burn a hole in your pocket. It is no wonder then that KL is considered the gastronomic hub of Asia. A popular ride-sharing provider is called Grab in Malaysia.

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Seven: National Business Language — English

Expats in many countries usually struggle due to the language barriers present there. However, that’s not a worry in Kuala Lumpur. English is the preferred national business language. At the same time, you could even enjoy learning the local language that can help you mix with the locals more freely. But it is recommended that expats try to learn the local language in Malaysia.

Advice for Future Expats in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur:

We won’t deny that there is no cultural difference, but it’s not that challenging to embrace it. Things work differently while paying the bills, or while shopping, or getting some work done at some office. But it’s not that difficult to get used to. One thing that helps the most is making friends with the locals. They will never make you feel isolated. Visit the beautiful coasts, join groups, learn the amazing local language, and enjoy life, because Kuala Lumpur is a city that never really sleeps.

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