Top 5 Destinations for Expats in South America

by David Tompkins

Five Excellent Destinations for Expatriates in South America

The world is changing dynamically and Latin America is not lagging behind. Gone are the days when we had to think twice before visiting a South American city. With a marked improvement in terms of safety, connectivity, and infrastructure over the last few years, many cities of this continent have evolved as popular tourist and destinations for expats in South America

The innate beauty, culture, and heritage of South America are enticing enough to make you stay there for long. From tropical rain-forests to tranquil beaches and mountains, South America is blessed with enough natural beauty to attract millions of people from all walks of life. If you compromise on the disadvantages of staying far away from your loved ones and the comfort of your native home, you are in for a really good time in South America. If you are traveling alone, having adequate money in your bank account and high-quality international health insurance is important.

Latin America boasts of many countries and cities that are culturally rich and safe and have a high standard of living, that too at a low cost. You will also find small towns that are very welcoming and make you feel at home.

Which is the best South American destination to live in?

The top 5 destinations where you can have a wonderful expat life are discussed below. Also, note that this list doesn’t include all the lovely places that Latin America is famous for:

1. Florianopolis, Brazil

Located in southern Brazil, Florianopolis is a big city but the population is not too dense. Voted as one of the top 10 most dynamic cities in 2006, this place is also one of the safest to reside in Brazil. It offers a perfect blend of modernity and beach vacation that attracts expats from all parts of the globe. Today, it has a sizable expat community that mostly includes Europeans and Americans looking for a relaxing lifestyle. Communicating with native residents won’t be an issue as English is widely used.

2. Quito, Ecuador

The capital city of Ecuador is the economic hub of the country and is beautifully nestled in the Andes Mountains. With a population of approximately 2.6 million, Quito is a popular destination for tourists and expats. The World Cultural Heritage Sites, art and sculpture, and weather make this city one of the best places to settle in Ecuador. It also has a strong community of expats to welcome people who are new to the city.

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Millions of people visit Buenos Aires every year to delve into its diverse culture. Even the number of expats increased in the last few years. The metropolitan areas around the city are getting busier with diverse community settlements. In a good neighborhood, you can walk around even at midnight as Argentinian nights are lively.

4. Montevideo, Uruguay

Boasting of a thriving economy, Montevideo offers an amazingly high-quality life to natives as well as foreigners. Interestingly, half of the country’s population dwells in this city and the vibrant community is home to numerous entrepreneurs, artists, and students. The employment opportunities in banks and international institutions prompt a huge number of people to live and work in this city.

5. Santiago, Chile

Santiago is a bustling city generating almost half of the country’s revenue. Its connectivity to Europe, the United States, and Australia through direct flights makes it a popular location for expats and vacationers. You can’t miss the sight of the majestic Gran Torre Santiago (the tallest building in South America) and Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral during your stay in Santiago. A strong community of the British, Americans, and Europeans living there will be more than happy to welcome new faces.

Venturing into the unknown, adjusting with new cultures and customs, and meeting new people can be quite intimidating at times. However, planning well in advance can save you a lot of hassles that you may face later. The bottom line is this spectacular continent has a lot to offer, regardless of your decision to settle there.

Global Health Insurance is Critical if Moving to South America for Expats

No matter what your dream destination as an expat is, being fully prepared to face various challenges including healthcare is vital. Most of the South American countries and cities have robust medical facilities, but taking an international health insurance policy from a reputed company before you travel would give you the much-needed peace of mind. Also carefully check the pros and cons of a global health insurance policy before purchasing one. The policy should also cover medical emergency evacuation as expenses for emergency evacuation can be very high in some countries. Expat Financial offers a wide variety of excellent global health plans that you can quote and even purchase online.

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