Top 8 Dental Procedures for Global Expats

by David Tompkins

Dental Procedures for Expatriates

Getting the opportunity to become an expat and work abroad is exciting. When moving overseas, most expats ensure they have global medical coverage. However, many expats do not opt for dental health, which is not only important for your teeth and appearance but vital for overall health and hygiene. Here’s what you need to know about dental procedures for expatriates.

It’s important to note that dental treatment abroad can be expensive and, in most cases, private. Hence, getting international health insurance with dental coverage is crucial, especially for digital nomads and global citizens.

Moreover, you never know when you may have a dental emergency, and in most cases, you may have to pay out of pocket. To avoid dental emergencies, one should visit the dentist at least twice a year. In this article, we will look at the top eight dental procedures popular for expats.

dental procedures

1. Bonding

Bonding is a great way to make uneven, chipped, or spaced out teeth look better than before. The bonding process includes the mixing of a composite resin into a paste and applied to an uneven or shapeless tooth. Many layers of the resin should be applied to the problematic tooth to get the best possible results.

Resin layers are usually hardened under UV laser or strong light before the tooth is shaped and polished for a smooth look and finish. People usually go for bonding to ensure that old looking teeth turn out to be younger in appearance.

2. Veneers

If you have stained and uneven teeth, there are tendencies for decay. As such, veneers can assist in repairing them. The process includes bonding the strong pieces of porcelain to the problematic teeth. The gaps between uneven teeth can be covered with the help of veneers. You may opt for either veneers or crowns.

dental procedures

3. Crowns

Caps or crowns are usually used to cover the decayed or uneven parts of a tooth. This helps in protecting the affected tooth from further decay or damage. You can get these crowns made from acrylic, metal, or porcelain. Ideally, the front teeth can be covered with porcelain crowns to retain their natural look. You can also use crowns that are porcelain-bonded to metal for molars as well as premolars.

4. Braces

If you have trouble chewing properly or other bite-related problems, it’s usually because teeth are not aligned correctly.  Being unable to control these issues can lead to oral ulcers and blisters. Issues like underbite or overbite can easily be managed with the help of braces.  Braces can help teeth to be aligned to the desired position so that gums are adequately aligned.

5. Bridges

Bridges are popular dental procedures. It ensures that problematic teeth are restored to their original self. In the case of false teeth, these bridges act as false crowns. Bridges are used as anchors for neighboring teeth so that the crowns work well.

6. Dentures

Dentures are prosthetic devices that are usually used to replace a missing or lost tooth. It can be a temporary or permanent solution for elders who may require partial or full dentures throughout their retired life.

dental procedures

7. Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a major procedure for people with heavily affected or injured teeth. It is a process that is usually carried out by an experienced dentist or a top-class periodontist.

8. Teeth Whitening

Everyone likes to have healthy teeth with a bright shine which is why teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental procedures. There are numerous teeth whitening processes available; however, you choose what is best for you and your family.

Summing Up

You must maintain good oral health no matter how old you are. You will need healthy teeth and gums for life. Dental issues may crop up when you least expect them, so regular checkups and visits to the dentist for professional clean-ups are imperative. Having dental coverage for expats is vital especially when living and working overseas. Consider including it in your international health insurance.

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