5 Simple Ways Expat Partners Can Reinvent Themselves

by David Tompkins

A Quick Guide to Reinventing Yourself as an Expat Partner Abroad

When it comes to relocating with a family, there’s always a challenge for the expat partners. Most expat employees turn down the job because the well being of their spouse and children dramatically influences the success of the assignment. As a spouse, it is essential to see their partners succeed in their careers even though they would have to sacrifice their job.

Moreover, there’s a tug of war between uprooting their kids from their comfort zone and teaching them essential life skills through traveling. Many make the sacrifice and take on the adventure. Once they’ve overcome the challenges and settled down, it’s time to now focus on themselves. What can they do? Here are five simple ways expat partners can reinvent themselves and lead a successful expat life abroad.

Most “traveling spouses” are expat women, and only a minority of them hold a job during their time as an expat partner. These non-working partners have a lot of duties to shoulder on, and “family relocation manager” suitably describes them. The best thing about being an expat is that you can reinvent yourself and try new things. These simple steps will send you in the right direction of exploring the job market.

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Personal Evaluation

Before you begin your job search and market research in the new country, it is best to do a professional and a personal assessment first. Write down your expertise and the skills you’re currently learning. Include your goals and attitudes and aptitudes you have and gained along the way. If you’re looking to do something new or don’t know what kind of jobs you want to explore, find the intersection between what you like and what you’re good at.

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Revamp your resume

It’s time to update the dusty old resume! But it is crucial to revamp your resume according to the country you are in. In Canada and the USA, we are not required to attach a photo in our resume. Conversely, recruiters in Switzerland prefer to see a picture. You’re much more likely to get hired when you understand how the local market operates. On the other hand, you can also hire a career coach to help you navigate the job market and create a winning resume.

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Ensure all your certificates, references, and recommendations are up to date. Get your socials like Linkedin updated as well. Another simple way expat partners can reinvent themselves is by getting in touch with old contacts. Ask your former bosses to give you glowing references. However, be strategic about whose recommendations you ask for. It has to help in your new job market.

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Online Presence

Be authentic with your online presence. Furthermore, make sure your presence is tailored according to the national context. Make sure you are making it specific and mainly targeted to the national context. Sweep through LinkedIn profiles that matches your skillset and take inspiration from it. By ensuring your profile is focused on market requirements, you are more likely to appear on their search list.

Be active and know your brand. If you don’t have one, create one. The key is to be yourself and provide the unique skills you can bring to the table. Recruiters and HR want to see both your technical skills and soft skills. As an expat partner with many talents and abilities, don’t be afraid to stand out.


You might have been a networking expert back then and may feel apprehensive now. It’s quite reasonable to feel this way. Truthfully, you’ve been networking all the time, with the locals, school teachers, and everyone in between. Networking is part of the process when it comes to securing a job. Target specific networking events that suit your career best. Once you’ve hit a few networking events, you will feel more comfortable. Furthermore, it is a great way to meet other like-minded people and further inspire you in your job search.

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