A Quick Guide for Deciding Expats Life in Hanoi

by David Tompkins

Our Quick & Easy Guide for Deciding Expats Life in Hanoi

Expats Life in Hanoi

Every year thousands of people leave their country in search of greener pastures & new beginnings. A place they could call their home away from home. If you have been to such a country that has left an impact so strong that you have considered relocating there, then you are not alone. People across the globe are considering relocating as a perfect way of achieving a better lifestyle and increased financial freedom – such as Asia.

However, moving to an alien land can be equally daunting initially, especially if you are considering expats life in Hanoi, Vietnam. This could be attributed to multiple factors such as language barrier, little access to accurate information, hot weather, etc. However, with a rich culture, steady infrastructural development, beautiful landscapes, and awesome food, Hanoi is fast becoming a popular travel destination. So, if Hanoi is where you have decided to relocate to, make sure you read this practical expatriate guide for comfortable expats life in Hanoi.

Expats Life in Hanoi

Is Hanoi a good place to live?

Expats Life in Hanoi

While Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, has evolved from a war-torn region to an urbane metropolis that offers a classy lifestyle, exclusive restaurants, exciting venues for nightlife, etc., you may find it a bit too crowded. However, if you are ready to give up some of the allure and comfort of a prominent western metropolis and embrace the expats life in Hanoi and the traditional beauty of this place, then life in this Asian destination can be an extremely rewarding experience.

Safety and Security in Hanoi

Petty crimes like bag snatching and pick-pocketing do exist in this city; however, as an expat, you don’t have to worry too much about security or safety. You should speak with people in your network to guide you before taking the plunge. While violent crimes are uncommon in the city, it is advisable to remain careful and use your common sense. As an expat, it is necessary to have all your identification proofs in place. While it is prudent to carry a photocopy of your documents all the while, it is a good idea to keep the original ones in a safe place. Even after ensuring all the precautionary measures, if you still land in trouble then you must call the Vietnamese police for assistance.

Life in Hanoi

The emergency contact numbers are

  • 112 – Search & Rescue
  • 113 – Police
  • 114 – Fire

Finding Accommodation

With the infrastructural development in the city scaling new heights, accommodation prices in Hanoi are rising gradually. However, prices depend upon the location within the city. If you opt to reside in the old quarter of the city that is bustling with energy, then you will have to settle for a small yet expensive apartment and that too with the constant noise of traffic and people moving around. But, if you are ready to accommodate yourself in the outskirts of the city, you will certainly be able to find a cheaper alternative. As an expat traveling to Hanoi for work, you will certainly be assisted by your employers to find suitable accommodation.

Job Opportunities in Hanoi

The influx of international trade in Hanoi opens the doors of opportunities for the expatriates, yet the language barrier is thinning down opportunities for the locals, as well as expatriates. Though the new generation is gaining fluency in English, a major part of the country is still struggling with the language obstacle. As a result, English teachers from foreign nations have promising opportunities in Hanoi. Other opportunities for expats include volunteering opportunities with non-governmental and other international organizations.

Work Permits for Expats

Hanoi City

Having a work permit is mandatory if you are looking to relocate to Hanoi to take up a job. To get a work permit, you will have to produce documentary evidence about a clear criminal record, skill sets, and medical history. You can acquire a work permit from your own home country or after you have reached Hanoi, but this needs to be done within 90 days of your stay. While the cost of obtaining a work permit might vary for people of different nationalities, expats who are volunteering will be sponsored by their employers, as a part of their employment agreement.

Healthcare for Expats in Hanoi & Vietnam

No matter where you plan to stay in Hanoi, purchasing global health insurance should be the first step. Private healthcare facilities are excellent in this city; however, it is always better to opt for international health insurance before you arrive in Vietnam. Don’t forget to check with the hospitals and your insurance provider whether your healthcare plan covers various medical treatments that you may need during your stay.

Will Choosing to Move to Hanoi be worth it?

While there may be several downsides to relocating to Hanoi, yet wonderful landscapes, a low cost of living, great food, and a relaxed lifestyle have made Hanoi a preferred expat destination for those looking to make a move. Since the city maintains a perfect balance between infrastructural developments and maintaining a low cost of living, it has become an easy choice for expats looking for a beautiful lifestyle in a foreign land. Hanoi should be one of your top expat destination choices for becoming an expats life in Hanoi.

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