Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Live or Retire in Belize

by David Tompkins

Become an Expat in Belize – Reasons Why You Should Live or Retire in Belize

Tired of busy city life and looking for a relaxed or slow-paced lifestyle? Not to worry. With a soothing tropical climate, hundreds of offshore islands, an amazing Caribbean coastline, and a visitor-friendly population, Belize is the place where you can plan to relocate or even retire soon. Slowing down a bit and starting life afresh in Belize can be a wonderful experience for expats. You can make friends within the huge English speaking community at ease. You can also call this little paradise your second home without worrying too much about living costs.

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should live or retire in Belize and will find Belizean life a lure that you can’t resist:

1. Get Maximum Value for Your Money

Living standards in Belize may not be very cheap, but this tropical haven has many advantages to attract expats from all parts of the globe. It’s all about how you want your lifestyle to be because enjoying a North American or European expat life can be quite expensive. However, most expats in Belize feel more comfortable than their native place. For most expats, the retirement payout, and income from various investments appear to be more than sufficient to meet their essential needs.

You can save a lot of money in Belize because services like healthcareinsurance, food, taxes, and household help are quite economical. However, expenses on gasoline, electricity, telephone, and mobile phone are usually on the higher side. Accommodation or housing is not very costly and you have a wide range of options to choose from based on your budget. Sea facing or beachfront housing facilities are usually in high demand and expensive. You can get beautifully built houses at affordable rates too depending on the location you prefer. Building a decent cottage with three bedrooms in Belize will cost you just about $15,000. to $20,000.

2. You are in an English-speaking Community

If you are fluent in English, settling in any part of Belize shouldn’t be a problem. English is widely used in this former British colony apart from Spanish. Almost all the official documents, street directions, and even restaurant menus are found in English. Some studies suggest that the wealthy expats relocated to this country mainly because it has a huge English-speaking community. Living conditions and facilities may be better in some South American Countries, but the language is the biggest advantage of Belize. Right from the very first day, you don’t have to use a foreign language app to a smartphone to move around in this destination. There are ample educational opportunities for expat children too because this country’s education system is robust and mostly in English.

3. Belize offers a Healthy Lifestyle to Live

Even after staying for a few weeks in Belize, you will realize that you are looking fitter and better. The availability of good and fresh foods that are produced locally will keep you healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables apart from farm-fresh chicken and beef are found in abundance and that too at affordable prices. The local shops also offer amazing deals on special market days like Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The markets are not too crowded, so you can easily shop around in your own sweet time or while away your evenings with friends and loved ones in the splendid cafes. The unpolluted environment will lure you into getting into outdoor activities instead of being locked within an air-conditioned office cabin or bedroom. The stress-free life, sunny clime and healthy diet will keep illnesses as arthritis and body aches at bay.

4. Numerous Things to Do and See

You should not get bored in Belize because there are endless things to do and see during your stay. It may not be a huge nation, but it is blessed with breathtaking landscapes, archeological sites, and natural beauty that make it a much sought after destination for decades. There are ample places to explore and enjoy the sights and sounds. Belize is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. You can also delve into the rich and age-old history and culture of Maya. The pristine coastline stretching 174 miles and the gorgeous Barrier Reef offer enumerable options for outdoor activities. You can also indulge in the ethnic cuisines and cultural festivities to keep yourself occupied. If you love traveling, you can plan for a refreshing road trip to Tikal or Guatemala city located not very far away from this country.

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5. Living in a Belize Beach is Affordable

If you are purchasing a residential plot near a beach in Belize, you will have to spend about one-third of the money that you would need in a North American city. Plots sited a little behind the beachfront would cost you less than half the price as compared to beach-facing spaces. The housing rates also depend on the location and proximity or accessibility to modern amenities. If you are getting a concrete housing structure constructed, you can hire an engineer to supervise the construction at an affordable fee. Many Americans and Europeans have happily settled in Belize over the years after purchasing their residential properties. Note that moving your stuff to Belize may be expensive.

6. You Can Start Life Afresh

Belize offers numerous opportunities to start life afresh, but you need to have the desire to do so. Even though you are moving to a completely new country, there is no major language barrier as English is the first language. This means that you can reinvent yourself or even get into a new business without any hassle. For retirees, this destination offers an array of opportunities include part-time jobs and self-employment. They can keep themselves occupied in ways that are rewarding as well.

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Don’t Forget Global Healthcare for Belize

Depending on your lifestyle and budget, the cost of living in Belize is not too high as compared to its North American counterparts. You can enjoy an extravagant life if you have a decent bank balance. You don’t have to be super-rich to experience a comfortable lifestyle in this tropical destination.  Note that medical facilities in Belize may not be up to Western standards and local healthcare may not appropriate for expats. You will need a good international health insurance cover as private healthcare services for critical illnesses can be quite expensive. Being fully prepared will help you in enjoying Belize to the fullest.

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