Virtual Education for Expatriates Living Abroad

by David Tompkins

Virtual Education Suggestions for Expatriates

As a global citizen, you may be on a “vacation mode”; however, you will have to look for ways to ensure that your child’s education is not hampered when you are relocating to an entirely new place. Before you move abroad, you should do the necessary research to find the best possible educational option for your ward, including online learning. It is especially vital during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Advantages of Virtual Learning

It is quite evident that you will be doing the required research to find the best educational facility for your children as you plan to move abroad. Despite all your efforts, you may be in a situation wherein things do not work out as per plan in terms of your child’s education. What do you do when you have a very lucrative job offer and have to move within a week with your family?

What would you possibly decide if you have to relocate in the middle of an academic year? These are critical circumstances that can push you into making some vital decisions regarding your child’s education. These are also times when virtual education can act as a last-minute solution for your child’s learning.

Finally, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, your children’s overseas school may be closed, making virtual education all the more important. At the very least, the information and resources noted below should provide some vital information for international citizens who require online education.

Technology plays a vital role in ensuring that expat children adapt easily and quickly to a particular curriculum. Some of the ways that make virtual learning a feasible option for expat students are given below:

virtual education

•    Fast Enrolment: If you have all the necessary documents to prove your child’s age, including a passport and the previous school report card, getting your child enrolled in a virtual school within 48 hours is not a tough ask. For instance, if you want to get your child admitted to International Connections Academy, an Admissions Advisor will coordinate with you over phone or email to ensure that the enrolment process is completed in a quick time.

•    Extended Open Enrolment Process: Virtual schools are usually flexible when it comes to deadlines for enrolment. Space isn’t an issue; so, they can accommodate students long after the commencement of an academic year.

•    Flexible Course Structure & Sessions: Adjusting to a new school environment is not easy for any child. For expat children, virtual learning can be a great option during the transition phase as the course workload can be adjusted to let them catch up. The course instructors can work with the expat children to design a customized learning program that includes self-paced classes and live sessions.

•    School That Moves With You: Expat families may have to move to multiple places at certain intervals. It means every time they will have to look for educational institutions all over again and on numerous occasions at that. If your child is enrolled in an excellent global virtual school, it will move with you no matter where you plan to relocate abroad. Quality virtual learning programs will ensure continuity so that an expat student is connected to learning wherever and whenever they go.

•    Affordable Tuition: Compared to the traditional top-quality schools, tuition fees are much lower in virtual schools. You can also choose from the various payment options as per your convenience, including online payment or payment through credit cards. Check out the online learning courses to see if you can get discounts on the enrolment of multiple children.

Virtual learning tools

Virtual Learning Tools for Adult Expats

Life as an expat can be an unforgettable experience. If you can’t commit to full-time courses because of your tight work schedule, you can always opt for the various online learning tools for continued education from just about anywhere and as per your convenience. That’s the best part about virtual education. Here are some free online courses.

Here are some online learning tools that will help you enhance your skills and knowledge as an expat:

1. edX

edX offers a wide range of online courses such as AI (artificial intelligence), entrepreneurship and project management, environmental studies, and much more. Some of these courses are free; however, you may have to spend about $100 to $300 for most of them. You can also check out their cultural studies courses if you are keen to know about other exciting cultures across the globe.

2. HubSpot Academy

Potential entrepreneurs can benefit from HubSpot Academy as it offers an array of free training programs. It’s marketing, sales, and design programs are apt for expats who have plans to enhance their business and presence online.

3. Duolingo

As an expat, you can also use the Duolingo app to learn a foreign language free and in a quick time. Courses are available in English, and you can learn up to 20 languages in an exciting way as it involves a simple gamified learning system. You will just have to invest 10 minutes per day to learn the language you are interested in.

4. CodeAcademy

When it comes to virtual education, CodeAcademy is a great place to learn website development online. The free coding training sessions are interactive enough to help you learn to code in various languages like Java, Python, CSS, and HTML.

The Bottom Line

Numerous global virtual schools are offering top-notch schooling experience to young kids across the globe. Virtual schools are fully accredited and have experienced teachers, engaging study curricula and learning material, and even classmates.

The rigorous academic programs will ensure that your child is well-trained to eventually get into some of the best universities in the world. Finally, if you are living abroad, don’t forget to buy international medical coverage.



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