5 Great Tips When Choosing a Bank Overseas

by David Tompkins

Choosing a bank overseas

Learn the Five Great Tips When Choosing a Bank Overseas

Moving abroad involves a lot of meticulous planning, one of which is managing your financial affairs. Questions like what kind of new banking services will you require or which is the best bank to suit your needs may weigh on your mind. Being able to decipher a country’s financial rules and regulations can be a bit difficult at first. There are many things to know when choosing a bank overseas. But the most important thing to do ahead of time is adequate research and analyses. It will help you understand the nuances of managing your finances abroad.

With these challenges in mind, we have lined up five tips for expats, digital nomads, and global citizens. These tips will help you have a stress-free transition and enable you to have easy access to your money.

1. Open Your Account Ahead of Time

It is prudent to open your bank account before you decide to move to a new country. This move ensures you will have access to your money when you reach the new country of residence. But if the bank you want to open an account requires you to apply in person, then you will want to research the bank online and keep information handy. When choosing a bank overseas, researching ahead of time will help you when it comes to opening a new bank account in the new country.

Choosing a bank overseas

2. Try to Carry on Operating with Your Existing Bank

Most banks nowadays have international branches. If your existing bank has a global presence, try to locate a branch in your new country. Sometimes banks that do not have branches tie-up with local banks. Some people who are reluctant to open yet another bank account resort to mail deposits and withdrawals to manage their money.

Choosing a bank overseas

3. Keep All Your Documents Ready

When banks encounter people from other countries, they tend to get picky and may even refuse to let you open an account with them. It is because they want to avoid fraudsters and scammers who are not legal residents. When choosing a bank overseas, having all the necessary documentation ready ahead of time helps. Keep your passport, visa or green card, proof of address, and a letter of reference from your employer handy before approaching a bank.

It may seem like a hassle to most global citizens. However, banks do this to make sure people approaching them are legal residents.

4. Beware of Research Fees and Stipulations

Before deciding where to open an account, make sure you research the banks’ fees and stipulations. Many banks might charge a fee to keep your account active or may even take a small fee when you withdraw money. These things are usually not noticed by people because they miss the fine print. Being aware will save you from paying exorbitant amounts of extra money. Also, keep an eye on the exchange rate your bank is offering to convert your money.

Choosing a bank overseas

5. Ensure Your Bank Is Insured

Banks in most countries around the world are insured against disasters and calamities, such as robbery, fire, stock market crash, etc. The banks being insured means your money will still be available to you, irrespective of the tragedy. All banks may not offer such protection. However, you won’t like to put your hard-earned money in a bank, only to see it vanish due to a tragedy.

So, by now, it is evident that preparation is key. It is important to know exactly which global bank to approach or what your withdrawal limit is. You should also know ways to have access to sufficient funds once you arrive at your new destination. Doing thorough research will assist you from guarding yourself against a lot of hassles in your new expatriate life. Good luck!

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