5 Positive Aspects of Expat Life in Caribbean

by David Tompkins

Learn About Five Great Reasons to Live Expat Life In Caribbean

Located to the east of Central America, the Caribbean is a region with more than 700 islands surrounded by the Caribbean sea. The Caribbean has always been one of the most popular vacation destinations around the world. Learn more about expat life in Caribbean.

How to become an expat and move to the Caribbean?

There are so many things to see and to do. In this article, we will discuss 5 positive aspects of expat life in Caribbean.

  • Enjoy the Natural Beauty of the Caribbean 


There are many beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. For example, in Antigua, one of the largest Caribbean islands, you will see pink and white beaches. Another famous tourist attraction would be Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica. The waterfall is about 660 ft high. You will enjoy the impressive beauty of pools which lead to the ocean. If you like diving, then you can visit coral reefs and sea creatures around most of the islands. If you move to the Caribbean and live there, every weekend is like a vacation holiday.

  • Experience the Culture and Festivals

The culture of the Caribbean has been influenced by African and European immigrants. Each of the islands has a unique culture such as architectural style, music, and local customs. Some of the islands for example, Barbados, has influenced by English culture and live a western lifestyle. Another example would be Puerto Rico, a well-developed modern center with buildings and good infrastructures. These are all popular expat destinations.

The festivals in the Caribbean consist of costumes, dance, music and local food. The biggest and most popular festival on the islands is Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. The tradition of the festival can date back to the 18th century. There are many other festivals based on agriculture to celebrate the harvest, and parades to celebrate independence. Expats living in the Caribbean will have the chance to participate in all these festivals.

  • Most Caribbean Islands are Safe to Travel

Culture & festival

According to reports, most Caribbean islands remain safe destinations to travel. Most violent crime in the Caribbean is targeting at local gangs. However, expats living in the Caribbean still need to pay attention to petty crimes.

Based on The Caribbean Safety and Security Net’s data, the most recent incidents are not life-threatening. Thefts are not with weapons nor attack violently. However, expats living in the Caribbean should raise the home security level. Most of the theft and robbery have happened when a property is not locked.

Generally speaking, the cost of living in most islands in the Caribbean is affordable. Groceries and public transportation won’t cost you much. In some countries such as Panama, American Dollars (USD) is used here and housing is relatively cheap. It is an ideal retirement destination.

  • Transportation is Convenient

Expat Life In Caribbean

There are many airlines have flights to the Caribbean from all over the world. And you can even take commuter flights between islands. Traveling by plane to the Caribbean is convenient and sometimes is cheap due to its popularity. Expats living in the Caribbean can also travel by boat within islands. There are many cruises and yachts to choose from. Taxis, buses, and cars are also available in the Caribbean. Expats moving to the Caribbean should pay attention to local road regulations. Some of them are not similar to what westerners are used to.

Don’t Forget International Health Insurance When Moving to the Caribbean

If you are moving to the Caribbean, it is critical to obtain an international health insurance plan that will cover medical treatment in the Caribbean, but also globally. If you are an American, you will want to include cover for the United States or if you wish to be able to obtain medical treatment there. It is often recommended that expats should make sure that their plan includes medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. Expat Financial can source international health insurance for expatriates in the Caribbean from large and respected international insurance companies. The Caribbean is an exciting and rewarding place to retire and work in.

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