5 Tips on How to Earn Money Abroad as an Expatriate

by David Tompkins

How You Can Earn Money Abroad as an Expatriate?

When expatriates move abroad and travel often, they want to support themselves financially and enjoy their new life. With the appropriate skills and experiences, you could earn money abroad enough to support yourself. In this article, we will discuss 5 tips and pieces of advice to expatriates interested in earn money abroad as an expatriate.

  • Choose the Best Countries for Career-driven Expats 

Among countries of the Asia Pacific regions, Singapore offers some of the most generous expatriate salary and quality of life. According to HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, 62% of the respondents in Singapore said that it was a good place to follow career path overseas. Generally speaking, expats in Singapore could earn an average annual salary of $190,000 in industries of finance and manufacturing.

Another recommendation would be Switzerland. According to HSBC’s ranking on its latest expat explorer report, Switzerland made the top based on its career opportunities and progression, employment benefits, etc. The country has one of the best-earning prospects and an excellent work culture.

  • Work In The Web Technology Field

If you know web design, CSS and HTML, then earning a living online could be a very lucrative form of employment while living overseas. Many employers are looking for web technology specialists to set up customized websites and develop mobile Apps. The salary paid to a software developer depends on numerous factors such as years of experience, areas of specialty, and programming languages that you use.

In some countries, the amount you can expect to earn money abroad as a software engineer greatly depends on the location you live in. If you live in a major city, you would have the chance to earn more. For expatriates who want to take an offer for a software engineering job overseas be prepared to impress your employer lists of apps you’ve developed and systems you’ve maintained.

Another popular career option is to become a self-employed IT specialist or software engineer. You will not only benefit from tax deductions such as home office expenses, but also the freedom of this lifestyle.

  • Become a Freelancer and Find Freelance Jobs 

A freelancer could be all kinds of work done online and offline, from graphic design, creative content writing, IT, travel bloggers, translators, etc. Expatriates could work anywhere as long as there is a high-speed internet connection. To become a freelancer while living abroad requires good planning and clientele building. For expatriates already living overseas, it is recommended to start networking with local companies and obtaining referrals from current clients. Here are some more ideas on Digital nomad career options while living abroad as an expat.Earn Money Abroad

  • Teaching Language Overseas

In some Asian countries such as China and Thailand, teaching English is a great way to pay for living abroad. Especially in China, as the economy is growing rapidly, licensed ESL teachers are increasingly popular. If you are a native English speaker, you will have a greater chance to be hired and earn money abroad in preschool, all the way through SAT tutors by many Chinese schools.

According to a recent study, there is an estimation of at least 100,000 English teachers are currently needed in China, and the number should keep increasing in the next few years. Online language learning is also very popular. English learning centers provide English lesson clips and learning materials online, in addition to lectures. This has increased the value of expat ESL teachers and made it as one of the best-paying jobs in China.

  • Work In Oil and Gas Field 

According to JobStreet.com’s Salary Report for overseas jobs, expats working in Oil and Gas engineers field are the highest paid workers abroad. Many top global Oil & Gas organizations are sourcing expatriate technical talent to fill managerial roles in locations such as Europe, the Americas, Africa, etc. To pursue a career in Oil & Gas field, it is recommended to try to get an internship as early as in university to obtain relative experiences, and enroll in Oil & Gas training programs to obtain appropriate certification.

For expatriates living abroad with no previous experience, you can start from entry-level field workers  and earn money abroad. Many countries are now experiencing Oil & Gas skill shortages and listed the job opportunities on their immigration websites. If you are interested in applying and have the qualifications to match, getting a work visa would be much easier.

Don’t Forget International Health Insurance 

If you earning a living abroad, it is critical that you obtain adequate global health coverage. Expat Financial is able to offer flexible international health insurance plans for individual expatriates. The web site offers a variety of excellent global medical plans that can meet almost any need and budget.

The international health insurance plans they offer can provide day-patient care and full hospital coverage, extensive cancer coverage, maternity and baby care (conditions may apply), dental & vision care and international medical evacuation and repatriation. This is especially important for expats going to visit the rural area in some less developed countries.

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