Expat Education Tips for Expats Moving to China with Kids

by David Tompkins

Expat Education Tips for Expats Moving to China with Kids

As many expatriates prefer working and living in China, education in China is becoming a hot topic for expat families with children. The choice of whether expat parents should send their kids to local Mandarin based schools or English speaking international schools is always a dilemma for families moving to China. In this article, we are discussing on expat education tips in China, local schools and international private schools’ comparison, and suggestions for families moving to China with Children.

Expat Education in China

How does the Chinese education system work?

According to the Compulsory Education Law, education in China consists of nine-year compulsory education, and three years of high school education. After the age of 18, students choose to go to varies levels of universities or colleges at their free will. Based on IIE reports, China continues to be the most popular destination in attracting international students all over the world.

Primary schools and high schools’ curriculum consist of Chinese literature, Maths, English, Politics, Physics, Chemistry, and history. Many students and parents would want to receive education in vital high schools. Because these schools will lead students to key universities. Therefore, many key high schools in China are competitive. Entrance exams are held annually to distinguish junior graduates.

Local Schools vs International Private Schools

Expat parents are usually faced with a difficult decision on what kind of school to choose. Many local public schools are taught mainly in Mandarin Chinese, homework in Chinese and the classmates are all Chinese. Whereas private schools and international schools have English discipline with English speaking classmates.

Many foreigners are sending their children to local public schools to learn Chinese literature and culture. Unlike public school systems in some countries around the world, some important public schools in China are better than others. They offer a high standard of education with the most updated educational philosophy and equipment. Also, they provide many event opportunities for students to grow and learn.

However, as the places at well-known vital public schools are facing colossal scarcity, many expats parents would look for private and international schools. Most of the international schools in China have IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum. Classes are usually taught in English. It is the desired option for parents who want a smooth transition for their children in China. Costs at private international schools are generally very expensive. Expat parents should be aware of this before moving to China.

Don’t Forget International Health Insurance 

International health insurance cover is a necessity and should be your top considerations. Expat Financial offers a wide range of expatriate health insurance plans designed specifically for any expatriates of any nationality around much of the world.  Learn about the healthcare system in China for expats. It is crucial for every expat family to take the necessary action to ensure that their spouse and children’s health and well-being are protected and provided for via an appropriate level of expat insurance.

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