10 Great Tips to Expand Your Expatriate Social Network

by David Tompkins

Looking to Expand Your Expat Social Network? Here are 10 Great Tips

living abroad makes you more employable

Beyond doubt, social networking is becoming more and more important for all those who are transitioning to a life overseas as a global nomad or expatriate. The COVID-19 pandemic has made social media and networking all the more important for international citizens. Nevertheless, for many mature adults, social networking might be something entirely new. They may not be very keen to accept and absorb it. It is important to realize that social networking is a favorite tool used by employers and recruiters. They use it to select and evaluate their prospective candidates. But many global citizens use these tips to expand their physical and online expat social network.

Before Relocating as a Global Citizen

Get Familiar with the Regional Culture and Traditions

Familiarizing with the traditions and lifestyle in your new country can make your social networking most convenient. Patterns of culture are not the same throughout. With a bit of exploring, you can do what is best without embarrassment.

Link to Expat Social Networks

Social networking platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have groups that especially cater to expats near you. You can also shut out the noise by connecting with an expat-specific social group that has people of your age and interests. InterNations houses networking groups in 390 towns all over the world and organizes collective activities parallelly with its own social network.

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Seek Advice from an Expat Coach or Local Business Establishment

To know a country in detail, there are much better options than guide books and blogs. Tourist guides and blogs cannot give you that deep of an insight that an expat coach can provide. You can find suitable experts at the Expat Coach Directory, which is a user-friendly website.

Study the Language

Enrolling at a language institute has its own advantages:

  • It makes communication with the locals easier.
  • Locals will admire and acknowledge your efforts.
  • It is a great meeting ground for other in-transit expats.
  • It may help you secure your overseas posting
  • You get adequate opportunities to network and create your new social group.

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Once You Are In

Learn from the behavior of others

A decorum booklet will not have all the information needed about the new culture. Once you begin to live, work, and network in your new surroundings, you must observe others and their etiquettes. Closely observing and learning how they interact will help you accommodate to the new country.

Engage with Your Coworkers and Find a Mentor

If you are moving to the new country with a job in hand, then you have a network waiting for you. You can start using it without delay. This network is made up of your new colleagues. They can provide great tips about neighborhood services, networking possibilities, and the present support channels around you.

Know More About Your New City

Nothing can beat self-discoveries. You can connect with your new neighbors and others at the supermarket. The local library is also a great place to catch up, but maybe not until the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

Seminars and Conferences

Meetings and conferences are forums to connect with professionals and people having similar interests. Conferences are also an incredible source that can provide you with information about the various aspects of your new destination.

Connect with Local Organizations, Voluntary Bodies, and Schools

Joining a voluntary organization or attending fund-raisers helps you as well as those around you. Parents can join their kid’s parent-teacher clubs too. The more you expand your social network – both in-person and online, the happier you will be.

Innovate with Social Apps

Apps like Meetup and Meet My Dog help people connect online personally before they can physically meet. You can choose to join an already-existing group or set up your own activity group for expats within the vicinity.

Eventually, making your move a success depends on your level of involvement. All it takes is the perfect blend of research, efforts, a positive attitude, and the ability to connect with others. Ideally, you should build your Expat Social Network before you need it.

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