Top 8 Reasons to Retire in the Dominican Republic

by David Tompkins

Deciding when and where to retire is one of the most important decisions of your life! Since you no longer work and have to live your life on a fixed pension amount, it becomes a crucial task. There are many countries around the world offering a comfortable lifestyle, but expenses can be unbearable.

But If you choose to retire in the Dominican Republic, not only you’ll be blessed with breathtaking landscapes, the cost of living will be much lower. Having said that, many people are now choosing to retire in the Dominican Republic for a number of reasons. Here are the top 8 reasons to consider the Dominican Republic as your retirement destination:

Reasons to Retire in the Dominican Republic:

1.   Easier to Get Residency

The first thing to consider is residency if you wish to retire in the Dominican Republic. There are many factors involved, such as whether you are eligible for it? How long can you stay? How easy is the process etc.? Well, it’s extremely easy to get residency in the Dominican Republic. Within a few months of staying here, you can apply for residency and will be provided with a Dominican Id Card. You can find more information about the residency here. Also, like in other countries, residency programs here come with many benefits.

2.   Low Cost of Living and Inexpensive Properties

It’s super cheap to live in the Dominican Republic. Even in large cities and resort towns like Punta Cana, the cost of everything is much lower than in the United States. Whether you will be living on your savings or investments, you can make a reasonable living without worrying about the costs in the Dominican Republic. Whereas, in the United States, you might need to live on a strict budget. Purchasing a property here is also cheaper. Luxury properties start from around $700 USD per square meter. Even if you choose to live in a condo, you can also rent it when you are away from the county.

3.   Cheap & Reliable Transportation

Another main reason to retire in the Dominican Republic is cheap transport. Don’t own a car? Don’t worry. You can travel through public transportation in the Dominican Republic, which is extremely cheap. It goes for both intercity and intracity transport. You can also use ridesharing services here, such as Didi and Uber. There is also an option to order a motorbike ride on uber to beat the traffic.

4.   Beautiful Landscape

We all know about it, don’t we? Imagine waking up to the sight of a breathtaking beach right in front of you? That’s more than enough to retire in this country, isn’t it? No matter where you decide to reside in this country, you’re going to find a beach – not more than a short distance away. Even if you live in the main city, such as Santo Domingo, which doesn’t have any beach, you can always head out to nearby resort towns for a mini getaway.

5.   Affordable Healthcare

With age comes many health issues. While it’s not always the case, one must always prepare for it. After retirement, you can find affordable healthcare in the Dominican Republic. Almost every place with a significant population has a free public hospital. Though the quality of healthcare in these hospitals is not the best, like in the United States, they are okay to treat minor and even some major medical claims depending on the region you are in and the hospital in question. And you might have to pay for medical tests such as x-rays and ultrasound. If you plan to live in the Dominican Republic, it may be tempting to get a local plan, but most global citizens get international medical coverage instead – something that covers you there, regionally and back home as well. Having portable expat health coverage is also key.

.6.   Cheap Food

Not only the food in the Dominican Republic is delicious, but it is also available at lower prices. Even if you want to eat out, options are unlimited and won’t break your budget. In major cities, there are many cafeterias where you can enjoy a buffet meal at lower rates. Just pick up the food items, and pay as you go. Their menus vary depending on the timings. Street food is also in abundance and is available everywhere easily. Another plus point is that you’ll have access to fresh, locally grown fruits that are ripe and juicy, including mangoes, bananas, and avocados. On the other hand, if you don’t wish to get treated in a public hospital, you can always go for private healthcare at reasonable costs – as compared to the United States. Even advanced procedures will cost you less here. You can also buy private health insurance.

7.   Welcoming Community

Most people are afraid of retiring in other countries due to the change in the community. Well, that’s not the case with the Dominican Republic. Here, locals are very welcoming. They have a strong sense of belonging that they also share with those who want to settle in. The language is also very easy as most of the people here speak Spanish – easy to learn for native English Speakers. However, the accent spoken in the country may not be easier to understand for some people, but you’ll eventually learn with time.

8.   Easier to Get to the US and Europe

If you are coming from Europe or USA, you might think that you’ll be disconnected from your friends and family. But that’s not true. If you retire in the Dominican Republic, you can easily catch a flight to the USA – some of the cities are only a few hours away by plane. Similarly, the country is connected to Europe via Madrid, Spain. Various flights take only 8 to 9 hours to reach. Besides visiting your friends and family back home, you could also visit the United States for a healthcare emergency.

These are only a few reasons why you should choose to retire in the Dominican Republic! All in all, it’s truly a great place to live the rest of your life away from the hustle and bustle of city life. While many areas are crowded in this country, you can surely find a quiet place to call it home as you move there.

If you decide to move there, better buy global health coverage for ex-pats, especially for retired people. Many companies, such as Expat Financial, offer excellent international health plans with excellent glob health coverage at great rates. Go buy it and live in Dominican Republic hassle-free without worrying about your healthcare.


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