Top 8 Reasons for Becoming an Expat in 2019

by David Tompkins

becoming and expat

Learn Why People Are Becoming an Expat in 2019

Moving to a new country permanently or for a long stay is not as easy as it seems. People often struggle with visa formalities, accommodation, making friends, getting familiar with the local culture, and much more. Several expats who successfully moved to other countries believe that confidence is the key that helps you move out of your comfort zone and face life’s challenges head-on. But, why do people becoming an expat and not look for jobs and a decent lifestyle in their home country?

Why would someone become an expatriate?

Here’s our compiled list of the top 8 reasons that inspire people to become expats and change their base: 

Better Employment Opportunities

If you are not getting enough opportunities to grow in your field in your country, don’t worry. There will always be a place (or a country) that will require your skills and experience. Of course, such a job change will also mean that you will most likely get a higher remuneration than your present one. This should be a good enough reason to make your life a bit more exciting and enjoyable. 

global nomads

Study in a Globally Acclaimed University

Several students from many developing and even a few developed countries prefer to study in a foreign country due to the latter’s superb education system. The quality of education at the universities in these countries is regarded as the best globally and so they are always in demand among foreign students. Studying abroad is a great experience, be it Oxford or Harvard – or even that technical school with a great reputation.

Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

Several people believe in living in their comfort zones all their life. Others prefer to travel the world and learn how to deal with challenging situations in a foreign land. Opting for the latter helps you become a more confident individual and prepare you to stay in the game when life throws you a curveball. With time you may find yourself adjusting to all kinds of food and cultural etiquette or learning a new language.


Seek a Better Lifestyle

No one can tell what lifestyle suits you best more than you. You can have a different perspective on a lot of things that aren’t as great in your home country. Further, by actually moving to your ‘dream’ country, you will be able to finally tell the better of the two.

Pleasant Weather

Having lived a good part of your life in your country doesn’t mean that you are comfortable with the weather there. Possibly you would prefer a place that is cooler or warmer than where you currently live, or possibly it’s the other way around for you. This could also be related to your health condition which doesn’t allow you to stay in your home country any longer. Some people find that their health improves when they move to a warmer climate with sunshine. This can be especially true if you live in a northern country such as Canada.

Peaceful Surroundings

Most of the people across the world lead a fast-paced life. But there are a few countries (mostly in the developing world), where the money is not the primary motivation. People there prefer leading a peaceful life more than anything else. Those who often have to deal with stressful situations and want to step out of such a life can opt for countries that are more laid back and “chill”.

peaceful environments

Learn About a New Culture

It’s very common for people to be awed by the unique cultures and traditions of other countries. Exploring such cultures can provide them an even better insight into the belief and essence of those traditions. Many people feel compelled to embrace those traditions themselves and understand them in a way that tourists probably never can. Some people may also move abroad to learn and master a foreign language, just like the locals. 

Find Their Mojo

Lastly, but most importantly, moving abroad is not an easy decision. Even then some people make the move so that they can finally do something that they could never do before. It is possible that their new ‘home’ would give them more freedom to do things without their actions being judged. They would feel more loved by embracing the culture and the people of those host countries. Most of all, they will be able to identify their mojo and what gives them the maximum happiness in life.

Don’t Forget Global Health Coverage in 2019

Moving to a new place to start an expatriate life happens after a lot of planning. While deciding to make the move, you should also purchase international health insurance that would offer the right coverage for you and your loved ones. Getting hassled in your search for adequate medical assistance is the last thing you would expect when you settle in your dream expat destination. Opt for a global health plan that would help you maintain your health abroad and pay for emergencies and chronic medical conditions.

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