5 Top Places in Mexico for Expats to Retire In

by David Tompkins

Five Top Places in Mexico for Expats To Spend Retired Life

Historically, Mexico has a lot to offer to vacationers and expats, and that’s why it is extremely popular among retirees, global nomads too. Laden with stunning beaches, culture and heritage, and fresh local foods, Mexico can be a wonderful choice to spend your retired life, that too at a much lesser cost as compared to its other western counterparts. For travelers from the United States or Canada, it is just a hop, skip, and jump from home. We recommend that you check out the Visit Mexico official site for more great information on this exciting country.

Here is a list of the top 5 places where expats would love to start their retirement:

1. Puerto Vallarta

Life in Puerto Vallarta is inexpensive and safe. Many people from the expat community have their own lavish homes here. If you want to continue living for long in Mexico, you can book your abode in the residential area close to the famous Romatica zone and marina area. With more than ample opportunities for shopping and binging on food, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to spend your savings during your retired years.

2. San Miguel de Allende

If you are living in San Miguel de Allende, you will be able to enjoy dry, sunny days and cool nights with a Wild West vibe. Retired professionals will love this colonial-era city as it is friendly and peaceful. Horseback riding is still in vogue if you are not too keen to bike through the old ruins of the city. It also boasts of Antea, the biggest shopping mall in Latin America. The best part is that there are many healthcare centers and hospitals that offer convenient services at low cost.

San Miguel de Allende Mexico

3. Playa del Carmen

If you love beaches, Playa del Carmen can be the perfect place to spend quality time as a retiree. This coastal resort town has been a popular expat haven for quite some time. It also features a gorgeous coastline combined with big city vibes. During your stay, you can plan a few trips to Cozumel, a popular diving spot. Evenings can be spent at the Avenida Quinta (5th Avenue) loaded with some of the finest restaurants and shops. Playa is growing at a rapid pace and so is the number of expats looking for a quality life in Latin America. There are also some great spots along the Cancun area as well.

4. Mazatlan

Offering the best of both worlds – history and an amazing coastline – Mazatlan is a big-game fishing hub visited by expats and retirees who love the sport. The 19th-century landmarks dotting the town add immense beauty to this expat destination. As an expatriate, you can frequent the beach and Old Mazatlan as they are at a walking distance from the residential areas.

Mazatlan Mexico

5. Guanajuato

You can plan your retired life in Guanajuato, a city that boasts of the untainted Mexican culture. Filled with numerous colonial architecture, museums, and churches, this city hosts art festivals at various times in a year to keep residents and tourists busy. The old-world feel prevails in this city, which you can always call your second home.

Living the Mexican Dream

For people from the United States and Canada, Mexico is the closest expat destination abroad. Currently, there are over a million expats living in Mexico full-time or part-time. Expats are living in small pockets across the country because it offers almost every climate, lifestyle, and landscape you may need to stay comfortably. If you want to lead a quiet and peaceful life in your late sixties and seventies, Mexico can be your dream destination. Healthcare system in Mexico is highly advanced and affordable.

Stay Secure With International Health Insurance

Your expatriate life in Mexico can be a great experience if you plan ahead in advance. As a retired expat, a good international health insurance plan is a must to ensure that you enjoy a hassle-free life in your chosen Mexican destination. Go for a global health insurance plan from Expat Financial and stay healthy.



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