Top 5 Reasons to Move to Costa Rica

by David Tompkins

Here’s Why Costa Rica Should Be Your Next Expat Destination

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world that is popular among tourists and expats. When you move to Costa Rica, every global nomad and expat you meet will tell you many good things, including how you can live an amazing life here on a budget. Here’s why you should plan for moving to Costa Rica.

People from all over the world are choosing to move to Costa Rica, making it their forever home. The nation of Costa Rica was ranked number 1 on the World Happiness Index, which is another reason why people are eager to move here. Here are the top 5 reasons to move to this breathtaking country and make it your new home:

Pleasant Climate

1. Pleasant Climate

Costa Rica offers a pleasant climate all year round – dry and wet season. Weather is one of the main reasons why the country attracts millions of tourists any month of the year. Even if the weather is rainy, you’ll see plenty of sunshine every day. This comfortable climate allows people to enjoy outdoor activities and nature tours anytime they want.

Beautiful Landscape

2. Beautiful Landscape

Costa Rica is covered with a breathtaking landscape that will make you feel like you are in nature’s paradise. From huge mountains to incredible volcanoes, to hot springs to gorgeous beaches, Costa Rica offers unlimited adventure to people of all ages. Another thing that makes Costa Rica very special is the exotic wildlife, including sloth, toucans, scarlet macaws and monkeys.

retire in Costa Rica

3. Friendly Locals

The people of Costa Rica are known worldwide for their hospitable and loving nature. Locals here love their country, and they are always very welcoming towards tourists and expats & global nomads. Another noteworthy thing about the people of Costa Rica is, they are highly educated, and the country has 95% literacy rate.

Healthcare for Expats

4. Affordable Healthcare for Expats

Healthcare here is not only top quality but also relatively inexpensive for most expats. Hospitals across Costa Rica provide world-class care at low costs. Procedures such as surgeries, dental work and skin treatment are of extremely high quality and reasonably priced as compared to nearby countries. While it may be tempting to get a local health plan in Costa Rica, it is better to get a fully portable international health insurance plan that will cover you both locally, globally and back home.

Stable Economy

5. Stable Economy

There is no army in Costa Rica. The country put an end to the army in 1950 and gained its recognition as one of the world’s most stable economies. With increased tourism and huge foreign investments, the economy of Costa Rica has seen steady growth that will continue to progress in the coming years.

Planning to Move to Costa Rica?

So no matter what year it is, Costa Rica is a key destination for international citizens and expatriates. There are many more reasons that you should start planning for moving to Costa Rica, but we wanted to list just 5. Please comment below on why you should move there.

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