Top 5 Places for Expats to Retire After the Pandemic

by David Tompkins

Here are 5 Great Destination Countries for Expats to Retire After the Pandemic

We hope that one fine day COVID-19 will be contained & eliminated and the world will recover from this devastating pandemic. However, we still have a long way to go before we can say that we are completely safe. The crisis period has made us stronger as we reinvented ourselves to a great extent to understand what matters most in our lives. On the positive side, the post-pandemic world will still have a lot to offer if you are planning to move or retire overseas as an expat.

Best places for expats to retire:

Where is the best place to live after retirement in the world? To help you out, here is a list of the world’s top five places for expats to retire and settle down a hassle-free life after the pandemic and maybe even before the pandemic ends:

1. Portugal


Imagine waking up to birds’ chirpings and soft chimes of bicycle bells of fishermen passing by your lodge. Portugal has a lot to offer to retired expats looking for a peaceful haven to get away from mundane city life. Post COVID-19, this country’s Algarve region can be a great option for a retiree. It is considered one of the best places to live according to ex-expats who spent years soaking in its year-round sunshine and one of the stable climatic conditions in the world. Guide to Healthcare system for Portugal

Portugal is ranked third in the list of safest countries on earth. Apart from petty crimes like pickpocketing, you will hardly get to know about any violent crimes happening around on TV or any newspaper. The Portuguese government has focused a lot on good infrastructure across the country, making it a favorite destination for expats. The biggest advantages of living or retiring in Portugal after the pandemic is its advanced healthcare standard and the low cost of living. The best part is its healthcare is up to international standard and it’s reasonably priced. There are also potential tax advantages associated with residing in Portugal.

2. Mexico

places for expats to retireFor decades, Mexico is praised by innumerable Americans at the best place to live on earth. This is a country that currently hosts about two million American retirees and expatriates. Easy access is the biggest advantage of living in this country. You’re able to reach the United States within a few hours. Mexico has a stable democratic government, and gradually it has evolved as an attractive destination for retired expats from all parts of the world.

Because of the dominant American tourists and expats, most of the Mexicans are familiar with English. This will make it easy for you to move around the country and explore its inherent beauty. The easy immigration processes make it a haven for expats looking for longer as well as shorter stays. You don’t have to get worked up or even bother to obtain formal residency status in Mexico.

3. Belize

Belize hotspot for vacationers and digital nomadsBelize has turned out to be a prized expat destination without too much of a hype. It boasts an agricultural capacity that can easily feed its small population. Once you reach Belize, you will love its lush rainforests, vegetation, and pleasing tranquillity. Belize is also a hotspot for vacationers and digital nomads seeking quality life at affordable costs.

For retired expats, Belize can be a great option because it offers a fully self-sufficient life that includes all the comforts you can expect in the 21st century. The low density of the population means that you are far away from all the maddening rush of urban city life. It is officially the only English-speaking nation in the whole of Central America, so communicating with locals shouldn’t be a problem. You will easily adapt to the new culture as you make local friends while joining various community activities. Healthcare system in Belize is also up to the mark. Belize is blessed with pleasant weather all year round, so retired expats can freely explore the country without worrying much about falling sick.

4. Vietnam

move to Vietnam as a retired expatIf you are planning to move to Vietnam as a retired expat, you can consider yourself lucky. This is a country that is one of the few safest havens for expats even during the pandemic. The country has done a fantastic job in terms of containing the dreaded virus. Through strict and well-informed measures, they have managed to eradicate almost all community transmission.

People could eat out in the restaurants and enjoy their favorite drinks in the local bars in just a matter of weeks after the pandemic breakout. However, social distancing is still a widely accepted norm in the country that lost a sizeable amount of revenue from tourism. Life has limped back to normal in a quick time, which is an encouraging sign for would-be expats and retirees looking for a peaceful life abroad. Opting to start a retired life in Vietnam can be a good decision for you for sure – possibly a great destination for expats well before the pandemic ends!

5. Costa Rica

places for expats to retireTourism has been a major economic booster for Costa Rica in the last few decades. When COVID-19 hit the nation, the Costa Rican economy came to a sudden halt. However, thanks to the relentless efforts of the government and the locals, the country is slowly returning to its normal self. The ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle is still a part of their culture and they are proud of it.

There is no doubt that Costa Rica will be back to its golden days after the pandemic is over. You won’t have to repent if you have already decided to start a new retired life in Costa Rican soil. The local folks and the existing expat community will receive you with open arms once you reach the country. You just need to adapt to the new conditions and the new way of life that the post COVID-19 period offers.

Summing Up

Do you agree with our list? It’s OK if you don’t – there are plenty of other best places to retire in the world abroad! Interestingly, the global pandemic has led to the rising unity of various expat communities across the globe. Expat life would be hopefully as exciting as it was before the virus attack. There will be numerous opportunities to invest in a foreign country.

However, the post COVID-19 era may not suit every expat’s lifestyle and budget. So, be prepared to see the impending changes across the expat hubs and do the required research before deciding to retire in your dream destination. If you can move abroad before the pandemic ends, maybe think about making the switch to a life abroad as an international citizen now.

Finally, make sure you obtain an international medical plan that fully covers COVID-19 as many plans in the market do not. Expat Financial offers a great global health plan from Cigna that doesn’t have an exclusion for COVID.


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