5 Great Ways for Expats to Reinvent Themselves During Pandemic

by David Tompkins

How Expats to Reinvent Themselves During the Pandemic

The recent pandemic has changed the way we socialize, work, and live.  Months of staying indoors and extra caution have taken a toll on our emotional wellbeing as well. However, this is not the time to look back. Slow down and remind yourself that you have an opportunity to regroup and focus on bigger and better things in life. Here are five ways for expats to reinvent themselves during the pandemic.

If you are working from home, while living abroad, working long working hours may get you stressed out. It is also difficult to be socially isolated. However, working remotely has its advantages too. One of the biggest plusses is the opportunity to know who you are and what you want in life.

expats to reinventEven though the biggest fear in the middle of this pandemic is about survival, other worries co-exist. The tension of keeping a job safe and getting salary on time can get on to you. Amid the despair and turmoil, take a step back and think about what you can do next. Here are five best ways to survive through this torrid situation and reinvent yourself. Remember that many of us will prosper after COVID-19 by reinventing ourselves and leaving procrastination aside.

1. Try Out A New Hobby

Expats to reinvent as an expatriate or global nomad, try a new hobby and keep yourself busy after the COVID-19 mayhem. It is important that you stay fit and fine while actively working on your hobby. This will divert your mind from the mess around and focus on an activity that is simply fun to do. This is the time to let your creative juices flow. Taking up hobbies that make you feel at home even during stressful times can be a big relief.

As an expat in a new country, you would love to find a way to channelize your creativity and feel good about it. Spending time on a hobby also provides you with enough opportunities to meet people and make friends. Furthermore, this is the perfect time to master a new hobby which would have been difficult during the usual days.

2. Be Realistic and Work on Ideas That Really Matters

Expats to reinvent by evaluating yourself and looking at the bigger picture. You may realize many things that you wouldn’t have done during normal times. Assess what is best for you to survive in a world that is going through a tremendous change. Maybe you can plan to cut out the bad habits that are affecting your health. Maybe you can stop or reduce your smoking or alcohol consumption.

expats to reinventDuring this period of self-evaluation, you may even realize how important your family and friends are. Set a few targets to improve on every relationship. Be in regular touch with people who matter to you and send them gifts that they can preserve as mementos. As you reflect on your present situation, prioritizing your goals and mission will make you happier and more focused in life.

3. Do a Little Homeschooling

It is important that parents spend quality time with family and children who have also dealt with this stressful period. Another way to reinvent yourself as an expatriate is to try your hand at homeschooling during your free time. Teaching young minds can be a very satisfying experience. You can also teach your children to do various extra-curricular activities such as playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, and painting.

You can also teach them to make interesting videos or vlogs with a smartphone. The aim should be to let your kids develop skills that may help them when they opt for vocational courses later. Meanwhile, you will be reinventing yourself and honing your teaching skills too.

4. Minimize Your TV or Screen Time

expats to reinventYou can reduce screen time by playing chess or cards to stimulate your mind a bit. Even after COVID-19, you can practice digital detox when you are back home from work. This is also a great way to spend quality time with loved ones, which you have missed all these years. Get rid of the habit of mindlessly being online on your phone. Talk to your friends or connect with them over Skype or Facebook chat.

5. Share Your Post COVID-19 Experience with the World

Continuing to be an expat even after the pandemic means that you will have a lot of stories to tell about real-life experiences. Sharing your struggles with the next generations of expats can be invaluable for them. It’s also one of the best ways to reinvent yourself as an expatriate. They will learn about their new expat destination and expatriate life better. Starting a blog on past experiences can be a great way to guide others who are planning to move overseas. This is also a fabulous way to get connected with fellow digital nomads who have their own stories to tell.

As you continue blogging, you will realize that expats to reinvent the writer within you. As a global citizen, you can also try to get into travel blogging, which can be financially rewarding too. Your blogs as an expat during the pandemic can act as valuable guides for the next generation of digital nomads. The blogs will also act as memories of bygone days and interesting account of your time during and after COVID-19. One fine day, you will be surprised by the transition you have undergone while re-inventing yourself.

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