How to Choose a Good International Moving Company?

by David Tompkins

Learn How to Choose a Good International Moving Company

Moving to a different neighbourhood is difficult enough, but moving internationally is much more complex and expensive. Anything that involves moving all your personal possessions from one country to another requires a great deal of forethought, consideration, and care. Thus, it makes sense to learn about how you can choose a reliable and good international moving company.

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Global Moving Options for International Citizens

Most international moving companies will have three types of international moving options:

  • Groupage – Transports your stuff with people’s items and you only pay for the space your items take up
  • Container – A full container service will give you the sole use of the carrier, especially useful if you moving with your entire contents in your dwelling
  • and Baggage – This is somewhat similar to groupage, but you pay per item.

If you are moving within your continent, your moving company may use a truck. If you are going further abroad, you may need to have your items moved by boat and the moving company may load the items for shipment and their partner will take over the freight once it reaches the final destination.

International moving company cost?

The costs can vary widely depending on the number and weight of the items, the destination, distance and much more. It can be further complicated by the items you are actually transporting. We recommend you negotiate a lower cost than what is first offered to you. There’s no harm in asking for a discount.

Tips for choosing a international moving company

Here are some general tips on how to choose the best international moving company:

  1. Don’t choose the cheapest company
  2. Obtain quotes from three reputable global moving companies
  3. Ask your fellow expatriates which ones they used
  4. Ask your expat employer to pay and arrange for the transport of your household goods as this may be included or you can build in the cost into your contract
  5. Ask for references from the global moving company
  6. Make sure contents are insured during transport
  7. Work with a global moving specialist
  8. Pick one that can pack your stuff

So, as you can see from the above points, it makes sense that you do your homework before going abroad. International moving can be difficult and complex, but doing some careful planning can definitely help. As we may have noted before, if you are planning to move abroad, you should also remember to get some international medical insurance coverage.

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