5 Great Ways for Expats to Cope with the Pandemic

by David Tompkins

Tips for Expats to Cope with the Pandemic

Life has changed drastically around the globe since COVID-19, and while some countries have it under control, many other countries are still struggling to flatten the curve.  It’s crucial to adhere to the safety rules, social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing hands. Recent cases show that even the younger population is vulnerable to the virus. Plus, there are daily reminders on various social media platforms that the pandemic isn’t over.

So, how do expats cope with the pandemic?

It can be very stressful if you are living in a foreign country during this pandemic. As some businesses resume, some have switched gears to working from home. As an expat, it can be daunting to be away from home and manage your life in your expat destination. In this article, we will explore five simple ways to help you cope with the pandemic.

cope with the pandemic

Create a Routine

The top tip for coping with the pandemic is by establishing a routine. It helps you have control over your day, especially during these uncertain times. If you are keeping yourself busy by working from home, coping with the confinement hours may not be too difficult. However, you can add some relaxation and leisure or fun activities to your daily routine and make your life a bit exciting.

If you have many hours to spare, you can think about planting some flowers and vegetables in your garden or paint the walls of your living room, or even renovate your pet’s room. You can read a bestseller from your favorite writer or learn a new skill like cooking exotic dishes or making handicrafts. The possibilities are endless!

cope with the pandemic

Focus on Stress Management Techniques

It is normal to feel anxious and stressed out because of the turmoil and uncertainties caused by the pandemic. Sometimes, staying inside for too long can also make you feel agitated. These are the times when we should resort to various stress management techniques to reduce the anxieties related to the pandemic. You can try yoga, meditation, and mindfulness exercises to bring you back to a relaxed state.

Another way to cope with the pandemic is by being productive online. There are apps and YouTube videos that you can access for free to get some exercise in.  You can also register for live online meditation sessions that are quite popular these days. If you want to turn it into a fun hour, get the family to join in a dance workout you can find on YouTube. It’s a great way to let loose.

cope with the pandemic

Try to Reduce Your News Consumption

During this pandemic, you may be tempted to stay up-to-date with whatever is going on around the world. Instead of watching TV news and reading newspapers at various intervals, engage yourself with doing something creative and interesting. This will help you stay away from negative thoughts.

Limiting news consumption will also help you to focus on your current expatriate life and plan for the future. Don’t let sad news stories dampen your spirits. Discussing a lot on the current situation will make you feel anxious as you may be far away from your loved ones who are coping with the same fiasco. Don’t pay attention to rumors and get news updates only from reliable sources.

cope with the pandemic

Stay Connected with Loved Ones

This is a period when to stay connected with loved ones so that you don’t feel isolated. No matter where you are, you can always connect with family and friends through social media platforms and communication apps. Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook are popular tools to stay connected. Have a family fun night like game night through Zoom or Skype video calls. Friday nights can still be fun virtually.

cope with the pandemic

Stay Positive

Being positive and mentally healthy helps keep our emotions in check. So, no matter how hard it is to focus on your job abroad, being optimistic will assist you in coping with this pandemic successfully. These are times that you have to look after your mental health, so don’t let pessimistic thoughts haunt you. Just be positive and hope for good times to come. Stay away from negative people and add some cheer to your life with a little self-pamper. Do your part in protecting yourself and others.

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