Expats in Mumbai : What makes Mumbai a Great Expat Destination?

by David Tompkins

Learn Why You Should Consider Becoming an Expats in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the fastest-growing cities in India, humming with various business possibilities and career opportunities. Expats considering relocating to this city will find this place very interesting and have a fun experience. Mumbai is also known as the financial and entertainment capital of the country. Accommodation, schooling, medical facilities, and transportation are easily available and they range from high-end to basic depending upon your financial capability.

Landing a good job would not be a huge challenge as there are several multi-national companies where you can work. Some of the factors that you might come across as challenging when you move to Mumbai are the language barrier, traffic, and cultural differences. However, once you gradually settle in the city, Mumbai’s way of life becomes easy and enjoyable too.

Information for Expats Moving to Mumbai

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is one of the major metros of India. With a population of 22 million, the city has risen to become a global power over the years. The city is diverse, which is one of the biggest reasons why thousands of people pour in here daily from across the globe.

Mumbai — Seven Islands Becoming One

Originally an accumulation of seven islands, the city came into existence after they all merged to become Bombay. You will find a cosmopolitan ambiance in this city and the presence of a huge international community, which can be a big advantage for new expatriates. Most of the residents of the commercial capital of India use local trains as a major mode of transport. Commonly spoken languages in this city are Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and English. Mumbai has a tropical climate and shares its border with the Arabian Sea. The temperature here seldom drops below 20°C and usually stays above 30°C during the summers.

Expats in Mumbai

Safety for Expats in Mumbai

Is Mumbai a safe place to live?

Expats in Mumbai is consider it one of the safest cities in India. Though the city has had its share of violence, the security here is tight, which allows people to lead a secure and hassle-free life. In case of any potential danger, expats are issued appropriate advisories by their foreign offices. Note that terrorism can happen – you may remember the terrorist event in 2008. However, the safety of the city is taken seriously by the local administration. Technologically advanced security systems are in place to ensure that there is no security breach. Global nomads in Mumbai should still take common-sense precautions when traveling around Mumbai.

A Festival for Every Faith

In the city of Mumbai, multiple festivals are celebrated. From Vaishakhi (celebration of harvest) to Diwali (festival of light) to the most popular, Ganesh Chaturthi (celebration of elephant-headed Hindu deity), Mumbaiites make the most of all festivals. In addition to these, the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, Easter, Christmas also takes place with equal fervor because of the city’s diverse population.

A ‘Paradise’ for Cinema Lovers

Mumbai is also the synonym for Bollywood, which is one of the biggest film industries in the world. Countless art galleries, theatres, and museums are spread across the city that you can visit to satisfy your creative interests. You can also attend different film festivals, music festivals, and art house cinemas that are screened regularly. The city life of Mumbai is quite active and you can enjoy different cuisines at the various dining outlets.

Paradise for Cinema Lover

Mumbai’s Love Affair with Cricket

If you are into sports, then cricket is one of the most popular games that you will see people playing here. The city from time to time hosts important national and international matches, which you can go enjoy with your friends and family.

Working in Mumbai – Information for Expatriates & Global Nomads

There are numerous job opportunities for expats and they can easily get work in several multi-nationals present. If you have a certain skill or talent, you can always contact the specific industry. There are also international banks and private companies that you can join. Global nomads in Mumbai will be able to find inexpensive and fast internet for a price – also the low cost of living will be attractive for digital nomads.

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Healthcare for Expats in Mumbai

Mumbai has earned the reputation of offering the best healthcare facility in this part of the country. With public and private hospitals available, expats can get an appointment with the best doctors and receive the best solutions. The medical staff in private hospitals is usually fluent in English, which makes communication easier. There are also medical insurances available that are quite affordable and can be easily purchased by expats.

Health Hazards in Mumbai

When you arrive in India, you have to take special care of the food and water that you consume. Eat and drink from places that are reputed and not from any road-side vendor. Opt for only bottled water and go slow with Indian food as expats are usually not comfortable with the spicy and delectable dishes that the country offers.

Public Healthcare in Mumbai

Though there are public healthcare facilities available, their standard is not as good as the private ones. While you will find good doctors in the public medical facilities and the treatments carried out are cost-effective, the amenities and equipment might not be up to the mark. An expatriate should definitely go to a private medical facility in Mumbai if available.

Private Healthcare for Expats in Mumbai

Mumbai has some of the best private healthcare facilities in the country. Such is their reputation that patients from other countries fly to the city to get medical treatment. These private medical institutions have the best medical technology available that patients can avail to their advantage.

global healthcare

Health insurance for Expats in Mumbai India

If you are thinking of buying health insurance, make sure that you get the one that includes good coverage and is recognized by major hospitals. Make sure you learn about the policy terms and understand all the procedures carefully before purchasing an insurance policy. As an expat, you should opt for a global medical insurance plan which would provide adequate coverage for medical treatments in a variety of hospitals. The Cigna Global Health Options plan from Expat Financial is a great choice for global nomads and expats in Mumbai. Obtaining global life and disability insurance coverage along with health insurance can be very helpful for you to make your stay secure and pleasant.

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