Top 5 Benefits of Global Travel Insurance

by David Tompkins

The Top Five Benefits of Global Travel Insurance

Family vacations abroad can be very exciting and full of fun; however, there is no holiday getaway in the world, which is completely free of risks. If you are planning to make an overseas trip, you would surely like to ensure that your outing doesn’t go waste because of any unexpected incident, emergency, or crisis.

global travel insuranceBefore you pack your bags to fly to your desired destination, purchase global travel insurance to make sure that everything works out as per your plan of enjoying breathtaking landscapes, mouthwatering cuisines, interesting culture, traditions, etc. in your chosen destination. You would wish that there are no mood-spoilers when you are having the time of your life in a beautiful foreign hideaway.

To deal with unforeseen contingencies during an international trip, you should empower yourself with international travel insurance that offers comprehensive coverage. Here are some benefits that you can enjoy if you opt for a good global travel insurance plan before you embark on an overseas voyage:

  1. Comprehensive Medical Cover

A vital part of overseas travel insurance is the coverage for the various medical expenditures incurred if you are sick or hospitalized for an injury or an accident. The travel insurance policy will cover all the expenses including those concerning ambulance service, hospitalization, medical bills, and even medical evacuation if required. International travel insurance can be extremely beneficial to your pocket too as healthcare costs can be extremely high in foreign countries.

  1. Coverage for Non-Medical Travel Contingencies

Travel ContingenciesApart from medical emergencies, a global travel insurance policy may cover various non-medical contingencies like loss of personal belongings including passport, flight delays, missed flights, etc. Unforeseen incidents can take a heavy toll on your financial health apart from the inconvenience caused. Your travel insurance policy would ensure you get financial compensation for the losses incurred during a trip and deal with all the contingencies without too many worries and hassles.

  1. Covers Trip Cancellations and Interruptions

All your excitement regarding an international trip can get botched up by unexpected flight delays and cancellations. You would be losing a lot of the money spent on flight and hotel bookings done in advance. These bookings constitute a major chunk of your investment for a foreign trip; so, the loss can be quite significant. A travel insurance policy can help you recover from a financial setback to a certain extent by compensating for the various losses incurred as a result of advance bookings. If you reside outside the USA and Canada, there is a great trip protection plan offered through

  1. Affordable Coverage for Family Members

Your travel insurance for an overseas trip can also cover all your family members traveling with you. This coverage is quite affordable as the premiums are low and easily payable. Family members covered under this policy can include your dependents such as spouse, children, and parents.

  1. Coverage Enhancement Through Add-Ons

Medical CoverageApart from the usual comprehensive coverage, overseas travel insurance policies provide various other benefits that are optional. Based on your requirements, you can customize your travel insurance policy – such as adding hazardous sports coverage, Accidental Death Insurance and much more. Coverage definitely differs from company to company, so it makes sense to examine the fine print carefully. Pre-existing conditions are generally not covered.

Stay Happy, Stay Protected, Have A Great Trip!

The benefits mentioned above should be motivating enough for you to buy travel insurance for your overseas trip. These policies are essential as you will be protected from all the major emergencies that may arise when you are traveling abroad. Buying international travel insurance would mean that your trip will be secure and there will be no major financial losses. Almost all the travel insurance companies offer 24-hour emergency services.

If your company is sending employees overseas, travel medical insurance is critical and a group travel insurance plan is probably warranted.  Assistance from these insurance companies becomes imperative especially if you are traveling to a foreign land where the native residents don’t speak your language and you have a major crisis to deal with.

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