8 Things To Do Before Long-Term Travel

by David Tompkins

8 Things To Do Before Long-Term Traveling Abroad

Planning long-term traveling abroad involves many challenges, especially if you are moving abroad for the very first time. The duration of your stay in a foreign land can be a couple of months, six months, one year, or several years. So, taking the necessary steps in advance will ensure that there are no last-minute hassles.

Having a pre-travel to-do list is important so that you don’t miss anything that should have been done before your departure. A checklist will ensure that you are fully prepared for an exciting and enjoyable life ahead.

Here are 8 steps you should take before you board a flight to your dream destination:

1. Prepare Budget

Without money, we simply can’t imagine long-term traveling abroad. Having a good budget with a little extra money will give you the confidence to leave your homeland at ease. Preparing a budget by calculating all your expenses abroad is vital.
You can start planning your budget by jotting down the main or fixed expenses including flights, insurance, monthly home rentals, utility bills, and even tours around your destination. Then divide the amount left by the total number of days you would be traveling and staying in your chosen destinations. Other expenses like food and snacks should also be included in the budget.

2. Choose Right Debit Cards

Long-Term Traveling Abroad

Opt for a debit card that comes with a minimum or no foreign ATM fee. A debit card with a rewards program will be ideal. For instance, TD Bank’s debit card can be a great option if you are in Canada. There are no fees for foreign transactions. Another great choice can be Scotiabank as it has numerous partner banks around the globe. Using its debit card would mean you won’t be charged withdrawal fees.

3. Get Rid of Unnecessary Belongings

Getting rid of things that don’t matter anymore will save you the hassle of storing them elsewhere when you vacate your home before moving abroad. You may be reluctant to part with some items that have sentimental value. You can leave them at a trusted friend or relative’s place. If you are still left with too many things to sell off, you can rent a storage unit; however, check out the pricing before you decide to store your stuff in it.

4. Keep Important Documents Safe

Create photocopies of important documents like passports and birth and educational certificates before you decide to move elsewhere. Keep them safe in a bank locker if possible. You can also store their scanned copies in Dropbox. The hard copies of all these documents should be kept in a file so that they are not scattered all over your travel luggage and you have easy access to them.

5. Decide Whether You Should Quit Job

Long-term travelers usually tend to quit their jobs; however; planning your expenses accurately is a must before taking such a major decision. Depending on your travel duration, you can also request your employer for a leave of absence. Be cautious when you make the decision of quitting your job, and do so only if you are sure that you would be able to make adequate money when you are abroad.

6. Purchase Travel Insurance

For globetrotters, travel insurance is a must. Do the necessary research to know what is ideal for you before you buy one. Travel medical insurance can usually cover you up to one year abroad and the cost is generally not too expensive. Note that most travel medical insurance plans will exclude pre-existing conditions and will only cover emergency medical claims.

7. Pack Early

Prepare a packing list to ensure that you don’t miss the important things for your long-term travel. This will also help you in leaving behind things that are not too necessary. Excessive luggage can be a big botheration, wherever you plan to move.

8. Stay Connected With Loved Ones

You will need the emotional support of people back home when you are moving abroad on a long-term basis. Use the latest technology and messaging apps like Whatsapp and Skype to be in touch with your loved ones. You just have to adjust to different time zones if you are going to a faraway country.

Get, Set, Go Abroad

Your plan to go for a long-term traveling abroad would include purchasing things that you may require when you travel overseas. Pack and unpack your luggage a couple of times to ensure that you are comfortable with the baggage weight. Follow the steps mentioned above and get set to relish a trip of a lifetime.

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