7 Practical Tips for Long Term Travel

by David Tompkins

7 Practical Tips for Long Term Travel

tips for long term travelLong term travel can offer a whole world of unique experiences that you may not have thought about. In spite of all your planning and cautiousness, you will be surprised by the sudden turn of events in various stages of your travel abroad. If you are lucky, you may get guidance and help from fellow travelers when you are stuck in a problem. However, it is best to minimize the risks of making mistakes and be engulfed in a major issue by following the 7 practical tips for long term travel given below:

1. Don’t Carry Heavy Backpacks

The tendency to fit everything in a large backpack is very common among long-term travelers. However, it is wise to have two or more bags wherein you can carry your necessary belongings. Don’t punish your body by taking the burden of carrying the entire load. Simply break up your luggage into two to three equal parts. If you have excessive stuff while traveling, it would be better to sell them off or donate them. Ideally, you should pack everything in 2s – 2 pairs of shorts, t-shirts, pants, socks, shoes, jumpsuits, etc.

2. Walk As Much As You Can

Easier said than done, walking during an overseas trip is something that most people avoid. However, globetrotters across the globe would always advise you to walk around the streets of a tourist place to enjoy everything that it has to offer. This will let you indulge in mouthwatering local street foods and inexpensive shopping. Taxis or cabs can be very expensive in some cities; so, walking with others on the streets will help you save a lot of cash. Walking will encourage you to discover things on your own, which wouldn’t be possible if you are using a cab.

3. Taxi Sharing May Not Be Cool Every Time

Hire Taxi

If you land up in a crowded city during your long-term travel, you may end up taking shared taxis because of the dearth of good public transport facilities. However, it is always better to exercise caution when you are sharing a local taxi with strangers. You may get duped or robbed by co-passengers who may be local miscreants. Remember, petty crimes do happen in major tourist hubs too.


4. Go for Fruits Instead of Junk Food

Eating junk food for long hours, especially if you have been traveling on a bus for many days, can take a toll on your health. That oily feeling in your gut after eating a lot of Oreos and Doritos can drive you nuts. Go for fruits like oranges and bananas to keep yourself energized for a long time. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water during your bus journey.

5. Inform Family Member About Your Whereabouts

It is possible that you may be moving across various destinations during your long term travel. It is always better to share your current location with your loved ones or embassy if you are hopping from one country to another. This will help them trace you in case there is an emergency. People close to you will be worried about your safety for sure.

6. Travel Insurance MustTravel Abroad

Investing in travel insurance is a must, especially if you stay abroad is for a long duration. Unfortunate incidents usually happen when we are least prepared. Travel insurance can offer you the security to enjoy your travel in a hassle-free way. If you are going to be abroad for a year or more, there is a good chance you will need international healthcare.

7. Credit Cards Can Be Convenient

Credit cards can be very useful during emergencies or the times when you are left with no cash. However, it is always best to use one when it becomes very necessary. There is no doubt that credit cards offer the required convenience when it comes to making online purchases or booking tickets for flights and buses. However, use them judiciously to avoid the pain of paying hefty credit card bills later.

Plan for Amazing Traveling Experience

Having a decent budget would ensure that your days abroad are full of fun and frolic. Don’t spend too much on lavish accommodations. Instead, spend your money on rich delicacies, nightlife, and other enjoyments that a particular destination has to offer. Pamper yourself with the best of everything that you can afford to make your long-term travel truly blissful.

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